Discover 18 Katia yarns from the new Autumn Winter 2018 / 2019 Collection

1 August, 2018

How are the holidays going? We hope they are going well and that you are enjoying knitting or crocheting somewhere out in the open air. Great, because we want you to discover 18 Katia yarns from the new Autumn Winter 2018 / 2019 collection. There are lots of new things (as many as 35), but for now we are going to talk to you about knitting and crocheting in a big way with XXL yarns. Then there’s also the arrival of our new balls of cake yarn which are perfect for making all kinds of accessories. And of course, we will continue to develop new sustainable yarns which don’t harm the environment.

Katia Yarns

We´re also betting on the most distinguished natural fibres for the 4 new Katia yarns from Concept and we’ll be fighting the cold and grey winter with the warmest and spongiest multicolour Katia yarns. Furthermore, there are new sock yarns… Keep those toes nice and warm! And last, but not least, get to know our updated versions of 4 of Katia’s most popular yarns: Inca, Atlantic, Azteca and Love Wool.

XXL Yarns

Tout de Suite. Fantastic balls of XXL yarn available in 21 colours which are suitable for making spongy cushions and blankets for your home. Of course it’s also great for making eye catching quick and easy maxi scarves, oversize jackets and woolly hats with pom poms to proudly how off on winter days. Make some space… Tout de Suite is about to arrive!

Katia Yarns

Balloon. Here’s some fun for your thickest needles and hooks! Knit or crochet soft, cosy and colourful coats and jumpers with this multicolour roving yarn. Enjoy the volume, the warmth and the fantasy of each of the 8 Katia Balloon colours.

Katia Yarns

Balls of Cake yarn = accessories

Kundalini. Give a big welcome to a ball of yarn full of colour that’s easy to knit or crochet using large size needles and hooks. If you are learning how to knit, you’re going to like this free pattern. A “very zen” project to transform one ball of into a youthful hat with a pom pom.

Katia Yarns

Borealis. We are incapable of finding the words to describe the softness and colour range of Borealis. That’s why we recommend that you visit your local Katia shop to try it for yourself. Meanwhile, we are gifting the patterns to make this knitted neck warmer and this crochet scarf.

Katia Yarns

Optical. Shawl, blanket, scarf, neckerchief, neck-tie, stole, wrap…you only need one ball of Katia Optical to make your favourite accessory this autumn.

Katia Yarns

100% Organic Wool

Baby Nature. We have extended our range of sustainable yarns with this fantastic Chlorine Free organic wool. Baby Nature, is GOTS (Global OrganicTextile Standard) certified, which guarantees the best possible conditions for the sheep and the yarn production process which is free from using harmful chemicals. Knit or crochet your babies clothing with the best that nature can offer!

Katia Yarns

4 Concept novelties

Atmosfera. Relax and enjoy the lightness of alpaca and the elegance of gradient colour. Discover the 9 Concept Atmosfera colours for your special knit garments.

Katia Yarns

Lagom. Katia Lagom is the result of a harmonious blend of Extrafine Merino and cotton. 12 colours for lovers of natural tones with a subtle marl touch.

Katia Yarns

Mohair Degradé. Superkid Mohair, merino and polyamide blend which creates a vaporous yarn in beautiful gradient colour tones. Follow the gift pattern to knit / crochet this elegant shawl using only one ball of Concept Mohair Degradé.

Katia Yarns

Tencel-Merino. This is a soft combination of Lyocell and virgin wool available in 14 interesting colours. Lyocell is a biodegradable and eco sustainable fibre which is produced from old recycled trees.

Katia Yarns

For Multicolour Garments                   

Tanzania. A wild but sophisticated fantasy yarn. Tanzania combines textures and varying yarn thicknesses in an ethnic colour story suitable for jumpers, waistcoats, ponchos and knitted jackets.

Katia Yarns

Indiana. Cotton isn’t just for summer! This autumn make light weight, comfortable unisex and kids jumpers. Discover Katia Indiana in 10 beautiful multicolour mouline effect shades.

Katia Yarns

For Knitting Socks

Jacquard SymmetricSocks. Thanks to the Perfect Colour Cycle, you can knit a pair of socks that are exactly the same using only one ball of Jacquard Symmetric Socks.

Seta Tweed II Socks. This ball of yarn combines the softness of silk with a tweed colour range making it an ideal choice for making socks for the whole family.

Katia Yarns

New Versions

Inca Ice. Our multicolour roving yarn Katia Inca is updated in with a new colour range including a black and white marled touch. The weight of Katia Inca Ice is ideal for knitting quick and simple youthful accessories.

Katia Yarns

Azteca Degradé. Pay attention Katia Azteca fans! Here is a new version for you with a calm, progressive and subtle gradient colour effect in a cake format. Discover a colour range suitable for knitting and crocheting garments and accessories for the whole family.

Katia Yarns

Big Atlantic. This version is thicker than Katia Atlantic and suitable for knitting and crocheting comfortable jumpers and cosy accessories in 23 beautiful colours. Big Atlantic is a fabulous yarn including Modal, a natural cellulose fibre with a velvety tact and a subtle shine similar to silk.

Katia Yarns

Love Wool 100. 100 metres of 100% natural wool! This winter, knit or crochet maxi jumpers, oversize jackets and fashionable accessories with this new version of Katia Love Wool.

Katia Yarns

Katia Yarns Giveaway

Would you like to receive a bag full of new Katia yarns and other surprises? Then subscribe to our blog and leave a comment on this post. Tell us which novelty or novelties you’d like to knit or crochet this autumn-winter. We will be holding a prize draw amongst all of the participants (only residents from the European Union) on the 3rd September 2018. Good Luck!

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  • Evelyn Meier Neeracher

    Hello, I think that your yarns are amazing and I love working with them. I wish that your company would be here and not where you are now. But that too is reality and I will order your yarn as
    the my patterns call for.

  • Elena

    I am looking forward to knit with thw new concept yarns. Every yarn form the concept series I have already used, is really wonderful. I will also try the organic wool, baby nature.
    The news yarns for autumn/winter 18/19 are very interesting!

  • Irati

    The Lagom yarn looks really good! I think I’ll try this winter!

  • Silvia Velasco

    New yarns for autumn/winter 18/19 are really coloured. Fancy colours I love them. I would like to try the Tanzania and also de Love wool seems fantastic one.

  • stefanie

    What a wonderful colours! Looking forward too the new patters as well

  • Elisa

    Hello! I think I’d like to knit the XXL yarns, sock yarns and ball of cake yarns… I love multicolored socks and never knit one! For this summer, I’ve made a beautiful top in pink Singapur… thanks for these beautys Katia!

  • iva

    Hi, I ´d like to try Indiana and Lagom and also Tweed sock yarn. I´ve already knitted several of your Concept yarn and they´re fab!

  • Mercedes

    Fantásticas novedades, deseando que llegue el fresquito para ponerme manos a la obra

  • Ioanna Kalfoglou

    I would love to knit with all your yammy yarns but most with Baby Nature and Mohair Degrade!

  • Germana

    Hello, I am looking the news yarns for autumn/winter 18/19 and I think it is very interesting! I hope to work so much because the colors are very beautiful! The balloon wood is very wonderful and I think love multicolored socks. Thank you Katia for this multicolored winter!!!

  • Laura Neira

    A mi me gustaría probar las todas!!!
    Me encantan los ovillos en formato cake, creo que daría lástima usarlos
    Pero seguro que haré algún jersey con la Azteca Degrade

  • Anniina Mustonen

    I’m trying to make more sustainable choices so I would love to try out the ecoyarns!

  • Carolina

    I’d like to knit a sweater with Lagom and its beautiful range of colours . I need to buy the new season magazines!!!

  • Sylvie

    I’d love to make a big sweater or cardigan with Tanzania!

  • MNR

    The Balloon and Kundalini yarns really caught my eye (so colorful!), but the Tencel Merino and organic wool would probably give me more peace of mind. Honestly, I’d like to trucar them all!

  • Anne

    Hello Team Katia,

    I’d like to try Seta Tweed II for sock knitting. It looks wonderful and would be my first try in knitting tweed socks.

  • Paula

    Oh the possibilities! I can see myself knitting scarves with the tout de suite, a cozy sweater with the ballon and the Kundalini or making something cute for my baby nephew with the organic wool… They are all lovely.

  • Emily

    I wpuld really love to work with the Kundalini yarn and my mom is now all about knitting socks so I would love to surprise her with the Jacquard SymmetricSocks. I am so excited about your new yarn.
    Have a great day.

    Sweet greetings,

  • Agnes Effah Marfo

    I learned to knit not long ago and it has turn to be passion for me. Can’t go a day without knitting. Love knitting alot of hats.

  • Paula

    Oh the possibilities! An infinity scarf in Tout de suite or Kundalini, a cozy sweater in Azteca… I really liked the more natural wools too like the Lagon or the Baby Nature. They’re all lovely

  • Clara Avila

    I really want to knit Kundalini yarn! It’s lovey!!!

  • Maureen

    I’d love to knit “Tout De Suite”, “Love wool 100” and “Jacquard SymetricSocks”. I’ve got several projects in mind that would go well with those.

  • Marisol Teva Sanchez

    Ahora se ha vuelto muy fàcil tejer. Y recibir los ovillos en casa es de lo más pràctico. I❤️ Katia

  • Diane

    Love Wool 100 for a maxi jumper!!!

  • Neranda Hold

    Your yarns are a delight to work with. I love to crochet using bright colours, and Katia have some gorgeous colours.

  • marcia

    id love to work with the azteca degrade or really any cake kind of yarn. i love all the new products you have and cant wait to put my hands on them.

  • Marcia

    id love to work with the aztec degrade or really any cake kind of yarn.i love them.for shawls or scarfs…i cant wait to try all.your new productw.

  • Sonia

    In love with azteca degrade and mohair degrade! And waiting to see all the new yarns.

  • Kathy Stilwell

    Your promotion is working! I see several yarns that are going on my “to buy” list!

  • Gina Zamora

    Todos son una pasada!!! Cual escoger? Hay unos cuantos modelos que han sido flechazos a primera vista ( Lagom y tencel-Merino) a ver así tengo suerte ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I love all of them…I cannot choose There’re some of them that made me fall in love, (Lagom and Tencent-Merino) hope I’m the lucky one

  • Maria

    Madre mia!! Deseando que llegue el otoño y ponerme a tejer con estas lanas!!!

  • Lesley

    I’ve already started on the Borealis crochet shawl and the Silver Paint crochet scarf. Gorgeous yarns. Thanks for free designs – could you put them on Ravelry please?

  • Sofia M

    I would love to try the Big Atlantic, the colours are great and it seems really comfy and soft!

  • Marlene Schaeks

    In my sparwe time I lovew to crochet and knit all sorts of things. From socks to mochillabags.So surprise me with your beautifull yarns. They are all beaytifull !

  • Yvonne

    All of these yarns are sooo beautiful and yummy. I would love to try them all, but I love the look of the Kundalini and Borealis yarns, they would make some gorgeous shawls, hats, scarves…

  • Jessica Langenhoff

    As I cannot have any wool to my skin, I am always looking for alternatives. Currently I am crocheting a pullover from Katia Pacific. I would love to make a pullover from Indiana in turquoise. The mixture of cotton and acrylic feels soft and lastst long. For Indiana I might choose knitting.

  • Helen Ingram

    I really love the Katia range of Fair Cotton and it is great that you have brought out a 100% Organic Baby range of wool.

  • Yvonne Muise

    Love Katia yarn. I would use Melody Jacquard in Black/Red or Blue/White. Love those colors

  • Esther Philpott

    I love your yarns and especially the bright colours of Katina fair cotton: would like to knit a sweater for myself to brighten up winter.

  • Cynthia R Wood

    The Boeralis yarn looks wonderful and I would love getting the dock yarn too. Socks are my favorite thing to knit, always have a pair going for myself or someone knitworthy.

  • Rita Mauro

    I have been a Katia customer for years I love all your yarn and I have made beautiful gifts for my entire family . I hope your company continues to sell beautiful yarn.

  • Marilynsmith

    Hi, This Katia Yarn accessory looks beautiful. All types of wool accessories from Katia really attractive. Once one wear it feels comfortable. Like this AMIFUR Provides fur accessories for all ages. Thanks

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