How to make a floral granny square crochet vest with fringe 🌸 Pattern by @marineacreations 

18 July, 2023

Do you want to learn how to make a crochet vest? Then, the Sharjah pattern by @marineacreations is perfect for you. It consists of large granny squares with textured floral motifs that add a bohemian vibe to your summer looks for festivals and concerts. You can use the same range of WOW! Summer Vibes colors to create a simple vest or combine them to achieve a modern and unique look. And if you want to add even more pizzazz, add a fringe to stand out in a crowd in your new Sharjah vest! 


Sharjah floral granny square design by @marine.a_ 

Marine, behind @marine.a_, is the designer of the Sharjah crochet vest made with WOW! Summer Vibes. Her grandmothers and mother taught her techniques such as knitting, crochet or creative jewelry making, which she has then combined to create unique pieces. Crochet has become “the main textile art in my life.” With her crochet tutorials and patterns, Marine teaches you how to create youthful and bohemian projects. After seeing how to make a crochet vest on our blog, we encourage you to check out her profile on Instagram and TikTok to discover more ideas to crochet and stand out! 

How to make a crochet vest 

Just get the materials ready and enjoy a full pattern with: 

  • charts to make the floral granny square and the vest hem and armhole finishes 
  • links to Katia Academy videos to see how to work some stitches used 


Woman: S/M 


Stitches and techniques 

Videos: click on the name of each stitch or technique to see how to do it. 

  • Chain – ch 
  • Chain space – ch-sp 
  • Crossed double crochet – cdc: skip 1 st, dc in next st, ch1 and dc1 into skipped st. 
  • Double crochet – dc 
  • Front post double crochet X together – FP dcX tog: *yarn over, insert hook into 2 sts from prev r from front to back, yarn over and pull through, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on hook*, rep ** once more, yarn over and pull through all loops on hook. 

Cette vidéo pourra vous aider, avec ce point un peu complexe, pour confectionner la Sharjah Vest, modèle gratuit sur le blog de @WOW! by Katia #tutocrochet #patrongratuit #modelecrochet #katiayarns #crochettutorial #apprendrelecrochet

♬ THIS YEAR (Blessings) – Victor Thompson

  • Previous – prev 
  • Puff stitch – ps: *yarn over, insert hook into st from prev r, yarn over and pull through st*, rep ** twice more, yarn over and pull through all loops on hook. 
  • Repeat – rep 
  • Row(s) and round(s) – R(s) 
  • Single crochet – sc 
  • Skip – sk 
  • Slip stitch – sl st 
  • Stitch(es) – st(s) 
  • Sc2togdecrease 


Using the 5-mm crochet hook, crochet a granny square following chart  

7 rs = 15 x 15 cm 

How to crochet a vest

Flower granny square 

R1: into a magic ring, ch3 up, ps with 2 rep, *ch1, ps with 3 rep*, rep ** 6 times more, ch1, sl st1 into the third ch up to close the r. Sl st1 to get to next ch-sp. 

R2: ch3 up, dc2 into ch-sp. *Ch1, dc3 into ch-sp*, rep 6 times more. Sl st1 to close r. Sl st3 to get to next ch-sp. 

R3: ch3 up, ps with 2 rep, *ch2, FP dc3tog, ch3, ps with 3 rep*, rep ** 6 times more, ch2, FP dc3tog, ch3, sl st1 to close r. Sl st1 to get to next ch-sp. 

R4: *sc2, ch1, sc2* into each ch-sp to end of r. Sl st1 to close r. Sl st2 to get to next ch-sp. 

R5: *sc1 into ch-sp, ch3*, rep ** to end of r. Sl st1 to close r. Sl st1 to get to next ch-sp. 

R6: *sc2 into ch-sp, sc1 into sc, sc3 into ch-sp, sc1 into sc, sc2 into ch-sp, ch1. Into next ch-sp (corner), ps1, ch2, ps1, ch3, ps1, ch2, ps1, ch1, skip next st*, rep ** 3 times more. Sl st1 to close r. 

R7: sc1 into each st from prev r. Sl st1 to close r. 

Make 15 identical granny squares. 

Cut and weave in the ends. 

Block the granny squares so that they’re all the same size. 

Joining the granny squares 

Join the granny squares with your favorite technique of choice: using your hook and working a r of sl st or seaming them with a tapestry needle. 

Once you’ve joined all the granny squares, work a r of hdc around the entire piece. On corners A, B, C, D, E and F, ch2 to add shape. On corners G and F which correspond to the neck, work a decrease by sc2 together. Work a sc2 together decrease at each join between 2 granny squares. 

Then, sew or sl st32 along the sides of the vest to join corners B and C, E and D. Leave an opening for the armholes for your arms to go through. 

Hem and fringe 

For the armholes and the front of the vest: *ch3 up, *ps1 in next st, ch1, sk2, sc1 into next st*, rep ** to end of r. 

For the hem: 

  • R1: ch2, hdc1 into each st to end of r. Turn. 
  • R2: rep R1. 
  • R3: ch3, sk1, dc1 into next st, ch1, dc1 into skipped st. (Crossed dc). Turn. 
  • R4: ch3 up,*ch2, ps1*, rep ** to end of r.  

You can add fringe to the ch2-sps of the last r at the waist. 

Any questions? If you have any comments, questions, or problems with the pattern, write to @marine.a_. Marine will be happy to help you! 

Copyright. © 2023 @Marine A. All rights reserved. 

The must-have for summer festivals 

You’ve learned how to make a crochet vest with floral granny squares and fringe! Grab a crochet hook and make the perfect accessory for summer festivals or to complete your most boho chic look. Follow the Sharjah pattern by @marine.a_ to create your own vest and enjoy summer in style! 

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