How to sew sofa covers for your caravan in 5 steps 🚐 Tutorial

Welcome, caravan and craft lovers! Today Patri from @la_asilvestrada shows you how to sew some sofa covers for your caravan. This way, you can customize and breathe new life into your home on wheels. You can also protect your sofa from potential accidents and prevent stains. If you travel with little ones, you know this can happen.

How to sew sofa covers for caravan

As if this weren’t enough, a few weeks ago, Patri taught you how to sew some curtains for your caravan or campervan with fabrics from Katia Fabrics. So, with these two sewing projects you can update the appearance of your home on wheels in a simple and creative way.

How to sew sofa covers for your caravan in 5 steps

With this tutorial you will sew covers for your caravan in a very simple way and in just 5 steps. No matter if you’re a sewing newbie or if you have prior experience, these step-by-step instructions will guide you throughout the process. So, get ready to give your camper a new look with some new covers for your sofa!

How to sew sofa covers for caravan

Normally, caravan sofas consist of individual mattresses, so we’ll make covers for these separately. Also, we’ll use elastic for the corners, so they’ll be easy to put on and remove.

How to sew sofa covers for caravan

Basic materials

Before starting, make sure you have all the tools and materials needed to hand. Remember that fabric choice is essential to achieve the desired result. We recommend our recycled canvas fabrics to create resistant and long-lasting covers.

Step 1: Take measurements

The first thing you have to do is measure your mattress to see how much fabric you need for each sofa. You need to measure the width, length, and height. Once you have these measurements, you need to calculate the width and length of fabric you need.

How to sew sofa covers for caravan

Here’s the formula you need to calculate this:

Calculate width: width + height x 2 + 20 extra cm

Calculate length: length + height x 2 + 20 extra cm

 Step 2: Cut the fabric

Next, once you’ve calculated how much fabric you need, cut the fabric following the measurements you’ve just calculated.

The next step is to cut all the corners to give the cover some shape and make sure the sides fit the mattress properly. For this, cut a square calculating the height measurement of the mattress + 10 extra cm for the bottom of the mattress.

For example, my mattress measures 13 cm high + 10 extra cm = 23 cm. So, I have to cut a 23 x 23 square out of all the corners.

Make sure that when you cut the four corners, they are the same shape as in the image.

How to sew sofa covers for caravan

Step 3: Sew the corners

To sew the corners, use French seams so that it looks neater on the inside and doesn’t fray.

The first thing you need to do is join the corners with wrong sides facing each other. Pin it into place and sew straight stitch half a centimeter from the edge.

Next, turn the fabric around and now, with right sides facing each other, sew straight stitch, this time 1 cm from the edge. Your cover with a polished French seam is ready.

 Step 4: Place the elastic

Once you’ve sewn all the corners, you can try the cover on your mattress.

The next step is to add elastic to each corner. To calculate the amount of elastic you need to know the height of the mattress, this will be the amount of elastic you need for each corner. In this case, the elastic will measure 13 cm, which is the height of my mattress.

Mark the height of the mattress onto the fabric on both sides of the seam. The elastic will be attached to both markings you’ve just made. It’s important to also mark the center of the elastic, since you have to pull it to sew it into place and it needs to match the corner seam, so it gathers evenly.

Once you’ve made these markings, sew one of the ends of the elastic using straight stitch, at the height of the first marking to attach it securely to the fabric. Once fastened, sew the elastic to the fabric using zigzag stitch, making sure the center of the elastic matches the corner seam, until you reach the other marking with the end of the elastic. Then, repeat the same process on the other corners.

Step 5: Hem the cover

Finally, hem around the entire edge to finish off the cover. When you sew the elastic section, use zigzag stitch so that it remains flexible. Sew the rest of the hem using straight stitch.

So, your elastic cover for your caravan sofas or any mattress is ready. This way you can easily remove them for easy washing.

How to sew sofa covers for caravan

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial for how to sew sofa covers for your caravan and encourage you to make your own sofa covers to add your personal touch to your home on wheels! Don’t forget to share your creations with us, you can tag us on social media using the hashtag #katiafabrics. We love to see everything you make with our fabrics.

How to sew sofa covers for caravan

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