Simply sew some curtains for your caravan or campervan using Katia Fabrics

Autor: Katia
14 April, 2023

The good weather is here, and it’s time to get your home on wheels ready. Today, Patri from @la_asilvestrada shows you how to simply sew some curtains for your caravan or campervan using Katia Fabrics. We also suggest using canvas fabric to create cushions without a zipper in less than 30 minutes with the tutorial and give your campervan your own personal touch, they’re the perfect accessory to decorate the interior of your motor home. Add a personal and welcoming touch and feel at home wherever you go.

curtains for your caravan

Hi, I’m Patri, la_asilvestrada

 I share moments from my life, things that inspire me and some of my passions, sewing and embroidery, on Instagram. I think my love for sewing and creating handmade things comes from seeing my grandmother sewing with her old sewing machine and mending her family’s clothes. With her by my side, I learned how to sew my first buttons and created thousands of outfits for my Barbies. Although, the real reason for me getting into the world of sewing was my daughter Valentina and how excited I was to make her own clothes. That’s when I started downloading patterns, seeing and reading thousands of tutorials, and slowly taught myself how to sew. I still have a lot to learn, but it’s something I enjoy immensely, and hope will always make me happy.

curtains for your caravan

Curtain tutorial for your caravan

Sewing curtains is really easy following the steps in this tutorial, you’ll definitely be able to make some curtains for your caravan.

The first thing you need to know is the type of fabric you need, keeping in mind the amount of light that you want to filter through and the atmosphere you want to give the room. You can choose lighter weight fabrics with a more romantic vibe like cotton fabrics such as dot tulle.

curtains for your caravan

Another option is to let less light in and choose print fabrics such as canvas, for example.

 👉 Take note of the materials you need for curtains for your caravan:

  • White dot tulle fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Thread in the same color as the fabric
  • Tape measure
  • Tailor’s chalk or erasable pen
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine or by hand if necessary

curtains for your caravan

What measurements do you need to make your curtains?

To start, measure the window. To do this, you need to measure the width and height of the frame, from where the curtains will hang until below the frame. Also, instead of making a single curtain you can split it in two, so you can gather them at either side of the window.

curtains for your caravan

Cut the fabric

Length measurements

Now it’s time to transfer the measurements you’ve taken onto the fabric. Add a few more centimeters to account for the curtain loop to put the pole through and the bottom hem. You will have to add around 14 cm in total, 10 cm for the loop and 4 cm for the hem. Make sure to account for the centimeters you need depending on the width of your curtain pole.

Width measurements

In terms of the width of the curtains, you need to add enough fabric to hem the sides (2 cm for each hem). Also, for the curtains to form waves instead of hanging flat, you’ll need to add half the width of the window to each curtain. For example, if the width is 50 cm, you should add 25 cm more, so there’s enough extra fabric to form the folds.

curtains for your caravan

Sewing curtains for your caravan

To make hemming easier, use pins and iron the hem so that it is well pressed and easier to sew. You can also baste it if it feels more secure.

Now it’s time to use your sewing machine or start hand-sewing if you don’t have one.

curtains for your caravan

  1. Start by sewing one of the side hems first. Fold 1 cm in and fold it in on itself again. Repeat for the other side.
  2. Next, do the bottom hem, folding 2 cm in, iron it down and fold it in on itself 2 cm more.

3. Your first curtain is almost ready, you just have to sew the loop at the top. This is where you’ll push the curtain pole through. It’s one of the easiest ways to hang curtains and it looks great, since the curtains create natural and delicate waves while hanging.

4. Lastly, iron your work so that your curtains are perfect.

5. Now, just repeat the same steps for the other curtains.

curtains for your caravan

Your curtains for your home on wheels or wherever you want are ready! We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and encourage you to make them!