What to crochet in summer? 10 free crochet patterns to make ponchos, shawls, beach wraps, bikinis…

Summer holidays are for resting, enjoying and relaxing whilst crocheting! That’s why we are proposing 10 free crochet patterns to pack in your summer suitcase. Thus, you can make an impression on the beach, by the swimming pool, on the campsite… Ponchos, shawls, vests, beach wraps, bikinis… They are all simple and easy crochet projects that you can take with you anywhere. Furthermore, you only need one ball of Silk Degradé, Funny Rainbow, Soleil, Funny Rainbow Star or Jaipur Cake cake type yarn to crochet the majority of these projects. There’s no doubt that these balls of cake yarn are the hit of the summer with knitters and crocheters. If you are still wondering what to crochet this summer, here are various crochet items to choose from. Discover your next project from this selection of 10 free downloadable crochet patterns!

Free crochet patterns

10 free crochet patterns

  1. Triangular crochet poncho

Crochet a simple poncho, but with a unique gradient colour effect, using only 1 ball of Katia Silk Degradé. Essentially, this is a simple pattern: work in the round in double crochet and chain stitch from the neckline to the pointed hem edge. Combine this multicoloured triangular poncho with a monochromatic summer dress.

Triangular crochet poncho

  1. Stole with sleeves

This is an ideal crochet project to help you disconnect. You only need one ball of Katia Funny Rainbow cake yarn to make a cheerfully coloured rectangle. Then, just fold and sew to create the shape of this simple stole with sleeves. Cover your shoulders with a youthful and carefree accessory.

Free Crochet Patterns

  1. Rectangular crochet shawl

Play with a daring colour palette and large scale openwork stitch to make an impression with this modern crochet shawl. Additionally, you can obtain a contemporary “ripped” effect by alternating blocks of double crochet and series of chain stitches. Moreover, you will surprise yourself with all the colour changes that are hidden within a ball of Katia Soleil. They are contagious!

Rectangular crochet shawl

  1. Triangular crochet shawl

Shine on your holidays! Crochet an elegant, lightweight pointed shawl for the summer nights. You only need 3 balls of Katia Cosmos, a yarn with small gold and silver sequins, to make yours.

Triangular crochet shawl

  1. Lacey shawl with sleeves

You can crochet this romantic lacey shawl with sleeves using only 1 ball of Funny Rainbow Star. Make an impact with this colourful boho type accessory thanks to a very simple pattern. Besides, if you like crocheting whilst travelling, this is a perfect project to take with you.

Lacey shawl with sleeves

  1. Net stitch crochet blouse

Wear this sensual and refreshing openwork stitch blouse with side splits over your swimming costume or bikini. In fact, you can transform one ball of Funny Rainbow into this crochet swimwear cover up blouse. Just follow the graph to create a defined and rounded grid like effect using a double net stitch.

Net stitch crochet blouse

  1. Crochet shawl

This classic pointed crochet shawl is ideal for the cool summer nights. The fan stitch featured in the pattern transforms it into a very pleasant crochet project to make.  Get yourself 2 balls of Katia Bahamas and enjoy one of the most downloaded free crochet patterns this season from katia.com.

Free Crochet Patterns

  1. Easy crochet sarong

Here comes a simple, versatile and essential crochet project for the beach or the swimming pool. Download the pattern to make this colourful crochet beach wrap using 1 ball of Katia Jaipur Cake. This is clearly a fun and practical summer accessory: use the strips to tie around the waist, the neckline or over one shoulder.

Easy crochet sarong

  1. Crochet summer vest

Add a splash of colour to your summer wardrobe with this lively crochet vest. Choose your favourite Katia Jaipur Cake colour combination to make this sleeveless one piece jacket. Furthermore, if you are looking for a seamless pattern, download the free PDF and enjoy this project from beginning to end.

Crochet summer vest

  1. Crochet bikini

Lastly, we complete this selection of free crochet patterns with the key garment of the summer: the crochet bikini. What’s more, you only need 2 balls of Katia Cotton Stretch to make this two piece bikini in size 8-10. Choose from the 24 colours of our elastic cotton and make an impact in your handmade bikini this summer!

Crochet bikini

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