How to sew a buttoned turban and wear your mask more comfortably this summer

Summer is around the corner and the use of a face mask is with us in all our errands. That is why we have created this headband tutorial that will make wearing a face mask much more comfortable. In this way, we prevent the string from passing behind the ears and ending up hurting or disturbing us. Just by adding a couple of buttons to the turban to hold the cord, you have it ready. Do you join us?

turban tutorial

How to sew a buttoned turban

To make this hair ribbon tutorial we recommend using elastic fabrics such as our jerseys or summer sweat. In this tutorial, we have used the Summer Sweat Women Fishing plush fabric from the AQUA spring / summer 2020 collection.

headband tutorial


Below we detail the materials and tools that you will need.



  • Scissors
  • Paper, pencil & scissors
  • Marker
  • Cloth pins or clips
  • Chord thread
  • Sewing machine


Step by step tutorial

  1. Fold the main headband piece in half, with the right sides facing together, and sew leaving the ends open and 10cm in the middle. Fold the piece for the elastic in half, with the right sides facing together, and sew leaving the ends open to thread the elastic through.
  2. Turn the headband pieces to the right side. Iron so the seams are in the center of the pieces. Thread the elastic through the inside of the piece for the elastic and stitch one end to fix the elastic in place. Pass the elastic through to the other end so it gathers up and sews in place.
  3. Match the wide headband piece to the elastic piece with the right sides of the fabric facing together. Fold the ends of the band over the elastic, as shown in the diagram, and sew.
    Repeat at the other end so both ends of the headband are sewn.
  4. With the turban inside out, tuck the piece of elastic as you see in the video and sew the two ends. Make sure you have both seams facing.

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