Today it is the turn of the scrub cap tutorial. A very easy complement to make to keep your hair tidy. It can be useful both for the health sector and for people who work in the supermarket, in pharmacies, greengrocers, etc. We have made it with our 100% cotton poplin fabrics as it is a natural, breathable material and very easy to sew and clean. It is a pattern with two strips that you can adjust it to each head size. If you also have long hair and want to keep it in a ponytail, it is perfect.

scrub cap tutorial

How to sew a scrub cap

To make this fabric hat tutorial we have used the Vermouth poplin matching the face mask we made a few days ago and you can find the tutorial HERE.

It belongs to the AQUA spring/summer 2020 collection.

Below we detail the materials and tools that you will need.

scrubs cap tutorial




  • Marker
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron

Step by step scrub cap

vermout fabric


  1. The first thing you should do is make the pattern on tissue paper with the measurements we have given you.
  2. Cut along the line to use as a template. Cut the pattern on the side 1 time on the spine or fold of the fabric and once the top pattern.
  3. Make a small hem on the straight part of the top pattern and place the rubber as we show you in the video.
  4. Face right to right from the center of both pieces and sew until you reach the area of ​​the rubber.
  5. Make the hem of all the contours.

In less than you can imagine, you'll have your ready-to-wear sanitary cap sewn together! You can also make an easy fabric mask and fabric gloves to match. 

		scrub cap tutoriaL

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