This is Concept by Katia: comfy knitwear, guest designers and an exquisite yarn selection

Among our pattern magazines, the elegance and modernity of the Concept by Katia designs stand out. A commitment to minimalist styling, straight lines and wide silhouettes in stitches that highlight the textures of the natural fibres. In the Concept 10 magazine it’s the details that make the difference: V necklines, cross over jackets, long coats, kimono sleeves, maxi jumpers, straight dresses, rib stitch blouses, bobble stitch scarves, pullovers with high necklines… and so forth. Fifty-five comfy knitwear and accessories for men and women with beautiful stitches, simple textures, fashionable colours and the exquisite Concept yarns.

comfy knitwear

Discover Concept by Katia AW20/21

For this new Autumn Winter 20/21 season, we invite you to discover a magazine with which you can enjoy every stitch. And of course, to add comfy knitwear, made by you, to your wardrobe. Furthermore, this magazine is special because it includes models created by guest designers. Two of them are Premium Designers that collaborate with us on a regular basis. The other two are winners of Design for Katia, a design competition for the Katia shops.

Design for Katia Shop Competition

To start with, we are going to show you the winning designs from this exclusive competition for Katia Shops. The first is the Stone Jumper designed by Brin de Soi using Ultralight Merino. This is a short, youthful jumper, knitted in garter stitch with a rounded, uneven length bottom hem.

This is Concept by Katia: comfy knitwear, guest designers and an exquisite yarn selection

The second winning design from Design for Katia is a creation by Llanes Bricall, also made from Ultralight Merino. This Marble Sweater is a V-neck jumper made in fisherman’s rib and cables. 

comfy knitwear

Guest Designers

Now we are going to present the models from our two regular contributors. @bykaterinadesign has created a very versatile and exclusive crochet garment for the Concept by Katia 10 magazine. This easy to make long jumper with large pockets, high neckline and ¾ length sleeves can also be worn as a dress

crochet dress pattern with pockets

The other pattern is a foulard created especially for Katia by the German knit designer @eviknitwear. Knit this super long, elegant scarf with a light beige shade of Cotton-Merino in a beautiful diamond relief stitch. 

knit shawl pattern

The Concept AW 20/21 Yarn Collection

Furthermore, we are presenting 10 new yarns in the Concept by Katia collection: multicolour, chunky and quick to knit, shiny to add a touch of daring, and of course, natural. Lastly, fall in love, like so many knitters and crocheters throughout the world already have, with 50 Mohair Shades, one of the most attractive new yarns in this collection. 

Multicolour yarns with personality

Discover 3 multicolour print yarns with a lot of personality among the new yarns from Concept by Katia. Alma is a spongy virgin wool yarn with an elegant chainette, or catenella, structure. Thanks to recent innovations, we have attained a yarn composed of one multicolour strand and one solid colour strand. Alma is a yarn with a spectacular yield and knits up quickly into all kinds of lightweight, warm and consistent garments. Like this woman’s combo made up of a scarf and oversized jumper.

comfy knitwear

Enjoy each stitch you make with Yoga by Concept from Katia. A soft chainette yarn with a printed stripe effect, ideal for making, for example, this man’s jumper. In addition to being an easy care yarn, the blend of Cotton, Extrafine Merino and Polyamide creates a subtle worn colour appearance.

In regard to Ninfa, this is a fantastic Extrafine Merino rich single thread yarn with a slightly hairy appearance thanks to the Mohair content. You can knit a spectacular shawl with only one ball of Ninfa by Concept from Katia or a beautiful jumper with only two balls.

Quick to knit patterns

Next, we propose you discover two yarns for knitting on bigger size needles. As a result, for anyone who is somewhat impatient, you can knit up comfy knitwear much more quickly. Souspir is a high yield yarn with a fantastic structure that combines the volume of Merino, the softness of Angora and the lightness of nylon. Enjoy comfy knitwear made with defined stitch reliefs, soft textures and an extra smooth handle.

comfy knitwear

Tribu is a wild looking yarn with an unprecedented discoloured effect and the soft tact and appearance of sheepskin. Thanks to it high yield, Tribu by Concept from Katia is the perfect yarn to knit items like neck warmers, with only 2 balls of yarn, to long jackets requiring 11 balls.

The most natural of fibres

All the yarns in the Concept by Katia range are very natural; but this year two items stand out thanks to their rustic and totally natural appearance. These two yarns are called Alpaquina and Sweet Fleece. Alpaquina is a Superfine Alpaca yarn with an innovative machine washable treatment. So your knitted garments will receive the best of care. Alpaquina is an ideal yarn for making socks and baby clothing. Which is why we propose a simple baby jumper made from only one 100g skein of Alpaquina.

Sweet Fleece is a high-end classic yarn with an unequalled composition of 18 micron fibres. In addition to its high quality, Sweet Fleece has the RWS seal (Responsible Wool Standard), the only certification that guarantees the wellbeing of both the sheep and land they graze on. Use this exquisite yarn to make jumpers, waistcoats or an openwork neck warmer on circular needles.

comfy knitwear

Fantasy yarns to shine in

At Katia, we are experts when it comes to fantasy yarns. They are, without doubt, our hallmark. This is why we are proposing a selection of shiny yarns, with gold and silver highlights. These yarns are ideal for making comfy knitwear which you can shine in on a daily basis, not just on special occasions. Edén is a yarn with an eye-catching structure and a subtle colour gradient that looks stunning in basic stitches. Look your best in festive and elegant garments thanks to Edén’s Viscose satin effect. We propose you knit a very chic woman’s autumnal boat neck jumper on circular needles.

And Sky is an elegant fantasy yarn with small sequins that add a subtle sparkle effect to your knitwear. If Cotton-Merino is one of your favourite yarns, we recommend that you knit and shine with Sky. It’s easy to knit all kinds of scarves, berets, hats… as well as fine lightweight jumpers for autumnal days.

50 Mohair Shades

Finally, we present 50 Mohair Shades, a luxury yarn available in 50 fantastic colours. Create any colour combinations you desire and knit attractive maxi jumpers and cocooning scarves. Let yourself be seduced by 50 Mohair Shades!

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