How to make an easy rainbow fairy costume step by step 🌈 Video tutorial with free patterns for the tulle cape and skirt

Autor: Katia Fabrics
20 January, 2023

Are you looking for easy ideas for Carnival? If you’re still behind on carnival costumes for your kids, don’t panic! You still have time to make this simple rainbow fairy costume. A simple fun project using tulle fabrics by Katia Fabrics. Turning your little one into a rainbow pixie is really quick and easy to do. It also comes with a step-by-step video tutorial and free patterns to make the tulle skirt and cape. It couldn’t be easier!

To make this children’s Carnival costume, all you need are tulle fabrics by Katia Fabrics, scissors, iron, and your sewing machine. And it’ll be ready to wear in an afternoon!

How to sew a rainbow fairy costume

To make this simple children’s rainbow pixie costume, you need the following materials:

  • Pleated tulle fabric for the cape. In the video you’ll see the measurements to make the cape. Universal size from 3 to 6 years of age.
  • Satin or similar grosgrain ribbon, measuring 10 mm wide by 100 cm long.
  • Fusible interfacing: 2 strips measuring 10 mm wide by 65 cm (optional).
  • Soft multicolor tulle fabric for the skirt.
  • Jersey fabric for the skirt lining.
  • Free skirt pattern for sizes from 12 months to 12 years of age.
  • Waist elastic measuring 25 mm wide. You can find guidance for the waist elastic circumference measurements in the pattern.

Pattern cutting to sew a rainbow fairy costume

Start by cutting all the pattern pieces of the tulle cape and skirt. Lay out the pattern pieces on top of the fabric following the grainline. Cut exactly along the pattern line. The pattern includes the 1-cm seam allowances, as well as a 2-cm hem. Remember to mark the notches that appear in the pattern by making small cuts in the fabric.

rainbow fairy costume

Learn how to sew a children’s tulle skirt

  1. Sew the jersey skirt lining along the sides; to do so, place the front and back of the skirt with right sides facing each other. Since it consists of jersey fabric, it is best to sew it using zigzag stitch on your sewing machine. You can use an overlock machine if you have it.
  2. Hem the jersey skirt according to the pattern notches. Use a twin needle to maintain the elasticity of the fabric.
  3. Face the tulle skirt pieces and sew along the sides. The tulle skirt edge will be left raw, that is, it won’t be hemmed.
  4. Gather the tulle skirt at the waist; run a long backstitch along it and pull the ends of the thread to gather it. Gather it until it matches the jersey skirt lining waist measurement.
  5. Place the tulle over the skirt lining, by facing the wrong side of the tulle with the right side of the lining. Attach by backstitching around the waist circumference.
  6. Sew along the ends of the waist. Join the waist to the skirt with a straight stitch, leaving a few centimeters bare.
  7. Pass the elastic through the opening with a safety pin. Once you’ve inserted the elastic, adjust it to the waist. Sew the ends of the elastic together and finish off by sewing the opening at the waist.

Step-by-step instructions to sew a rainbow tulle cape

  1. Cutting the cape:
    Long cape: cut a piece measuring 65 cm wide by 46 cm long (in the direction of the pleats).
    Short cape: cut a piece measuring 65 cm wide by 35 cm long (in the direction of the pleats).
    When cutting the pieces, do not flatten the fabric so that it does not lose its pleats.
  2. Optional: Remember to cut two thin strips of interfacing measuring 10 cm x 65 cm. Attach the interfacing 2 cm from the edge of each piece to leave enough space to make the neck flounce. This will help to add structure to the neck section.
  3. Next, overlap both pieces at the neckline and join them with back stitch.
  4. Gather both cape pieces, making sure they measure 33 cm at the neck circumference.
  5. Cover the neck seams with ribbon and fold over the ends of the ribbon. Leave around 30 cm at each end to make a bow.
  6. Cut the hem of the cape to the desired length. There’s no need to hem tulle fabric, since it doesn’t unravel, so you leave all the cape pieces raw.

Your rainbow fairy costume is ready for your little one to enjoy this Carnival, for Halloween, at parties, or to play at home. Surefire fun!