#FelixKnitsKatia Competition: photograph Felix the happy knitter in your favourite place and win a Katia selection super giveaway

Autor: Katia Yarns
4 May, 2017

This year the World Wide Knit in Public Day 2017 is being celebrated on the 10th June. Here at Katia we want you to celebrate this special day in good company. Therefore, we have the pleasure to present you to Felix, the happy knitter. This amusing amigurumi wants to knit or crochet in public with you; and furthermore, help you win a Katia selection super giveaway with our #FelixKnitsKatia competition.

#FelixKnitsKatia competition

#FelixKnitsKatia Competition

We are going to have some fun! Get out of the house and take a photo of Felix knitting in your favourite place. Then share it with us on our Katia Yarns Facebook page or on your Instagram account with the hashtag #FelixKnitsKatia. Then, we are going to raffle a Katia selection super giveaway of yarns and magazines from all the postcards of Felix knitting in different locations from around the world. The deadline for participating is the 11th June (23:59h CET). The prize draw for the giveaway will take place on the 12th June and the winning image will be published in this post and on our social networks. Come on! Let´s go for crochet! Get a few balls of Katia Alabama and download the amigurumi pattern of Felix the happy knitter.

#FelixKnitsKatia competition

IMPORTANT: You can personalise your own little Felix by using other colours or other Katia yarns from our catalogue, and even creating your own accessories (hat, bow tie…), but in order to take part, Felix must be made entirely from Katia yarns.

Felix, the happy knitter

This is the story of Felix, a happy globetrotter. Happy for various reasons, but mainly because he loves knitting everywhere. He learnt to knit after being inspired by stories of the old fishermen, who knitted their own jumpers and hats when they were at sea. Since then, he hasn´t stopped knitting wherever he goes. And it´s a lifestyle that he wants to share with you. Furthermore, he wants to show you his favourite knitting places; and in addition to this, he wants to know your favourite places too thanks to the #FelixKnitsKatia competition. Do you want to crochet or knit with Felix? Then download the pattern to make this really special amigurumi with Katia Alabama. What do you say?

#FelixKnitsKatia competition

Felix is an amusing amigurumi created for Katia by Maria from De Estraperlo for the event World Wide Knit in Public Day.

Katia Knit Day 2017 Map

If you see this poster in your local Katia Store, be happy! They´ll surely be organizing an event to knit or crochet in public. To make sure, as the date gets closer, check out our Katia Knit Day 2017 Map so that you can find the Katia event that is nearest to you. Get out and knit or crochet with Felix and have lots of fun!

#FelixKnitsKatia competition