What to knit for Valentine’s Day? A vest knit with a single cone of Smoothie Alpaca [Free Pattern]

17 January, 2023

Are you looking for knitting ideas for your Valentine’s Day look? Then, take a look at this free Smoothie Vest pattern by @knitting.sheep available at katia.com. You just need one cone of Smoothie Alpaca by Concept by Katia to knit a vest with a V-neckline in a unique color gradient. Get ready to feel the soft and delicate embrace of Alpaca Superfine!

knit a vest

Knit a vest for Valentine’s Day

As well as being perfect for Valentine’s Day (if you knit it in the red tones of Smoothie Alpaca color 301), this vest is ideal to wear year-round. With the free pattern by @knitting.sheep, you can knit a vest that goes perfectly with shirts and blouses.

Without a doubt, this soft and lightweight knit garment adds extra love to any wardrobe. Also, it’s the star piece of the last few seasons, so, Caro @knitting.sheep gives you 5 reasons to knit the Smoothie Vest:

1️⃣   You just need 1 cone of Smoothie Alpaca.

2️⃣   Be amazed by the color-changing yarn as you knit.

3️⃣   It’s a simple lace design combining yarn overs, stockinette stitch and decreases. That’s it!

4️⃣   The instructions are available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Dutch.

5️⃣   The pattern is free. This means you can download it free of charge now at katia.com.

knit a vest

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With a single cone of Smoothie Alpaca

Download the free pattern and start to knit the perfect vest to wear on Valentine’s Day with a single cone of Smoothie Alpaca. Enjoy both the softness and delicacy of Alpaca Superfine, as well as its original color gradients. Add your personal touch to the design by choosing your favorite color!

knit a vest