Free online macramé course: Learn how to make 5 home decor projects with video tutorials

Now that we’re spending more time at home, it has become an important place in our lives. This last year, we have discovered new ways to learn, work and enjoy our spare time. In our search for wellbeing, we are more and more interested in interior design to create personal and welcoming spaces. We have certainly placed our trust in traditional tasks such as knitting, crochet, or sewing to customize our living space. Because creative decorative pieces spark joy and calmness in any environment. We hope that you will continue to fill “your own island” with joy! For this reason, we are launching a free online macramé course on YouTube to learn the textile technique featured in trendsetting magazines. Lucía @knittingtheskyline will show you how to create the 5 decoration projects in the Hawaii Mood collection with your own hands and some balls of Macramé Cord.

Free online macramé course

Hawaii Mood Collection

“The macramé Hawaii Mood Collection aims to help you decorate your home with useful projects with a simple, clean design. As well as learning with each of the designs with Hawaiian names, you will bring a modern and special touch to your home”. Lucía, @knittingtheskyline. Travel to that Pacific island with Hawaii Mood without leaving home, with the free macramé classes available on our YouTube channel. These are the decorative projects you will make with your own hands following the full videos and patterns from the free online macramé course. Take note of the material you will need to make them!

Free online macramé course

1. Ohana Trivets

Materials: You will only need 1 ball of Macramé Cord color 105 to make 2 macramé trivets with fringe. “Ohana means ‘family’ in Hawaiian. These trivets have been created to enjoy family time around the table, making it fun and welcoming. They are perfect as an introduction to macramé”.

2. Nalu Lamp

Materials: Prepare 2 balls of Macramé Cord color 100 and one 30.5-cm wooden hoop to illuminate your bedroom with a beautiful round macramé lamp with fringe. “This lamp seems to draw foamy waves in its circles, this is why it is called nalu in Hawaiian. This lamp will bring a boho look to any room in your home, making it a unique and original space”.

3. ‘Olu’olu Cushion

Materials: Turn 1 ball of Macramé Cord color 114 into a 50 cm x 50 cm cushion cover to add comfort to your favorite resting spot. “‘Olu ‘olu means comfort in Hawaiian and is there anything more comfortable than a beautiful cushion! With a design combining motifs and bobbles, which inspire peace and quiet. Without a doubt, the perfect welcoming touch for your lounge”.

4. ‘Ike Shelf

Materials: You only need 2 balls of Macramé Cord color 119, a plank of wood measuring 60 cm x 25 cm and a 60-cm wooden baton to create a spectacular macramé floating shelf. “They say you can never know too much, but that’s not the case of our overgrowing pile of books. For this reason, here is the ‘Ike shelf you can create from this collection, meaning ‘knowledge’ in Hawaiian. Hang up a wooden and macramé shelf and place your favorite books, decorations, plants… to enjoy your reading nook”.

5. Hiamoe Headboard

Materials: Prepare a 170-cm baton (you can use a white curtain rod), 3 balls of Macramé Cord color 100 and 1 ball of Macramé Cord in each of the following colors: 113 and 118. “The Hiamoe headboard, which means ‘sleep’ in Hawaiian, is perfect for wishing you sweet dreams every night and for relaxing during the day. Transform your bedroom with a spectacular macramé headboard with wavy lines and fluffy textures”.

Get your home creative space ready!

As well as the materials stated for each project, you also need: scissors, tape measure and a metal comb or brush. You can find many of these accessories in wool stores or notions stores. Of course, you can make the course projects in the Macramé Cord colors that best suit your decor. Remember to get your home creative space ready! To easily do macramé, you need some sort of hanging support to comfortably make knots with long cords. An easel, a bar with hooks, a wall coat rack, a sawhorse or movable clothes rack… Use your imagination to put together your macramé workshop at home!

bobina cordón macramé

Free macramé course

Subscribe to our YouTube channel now and activate your notifications! Because, for the next few weeks, we will share 5 video tutorials to make all the macramé projects in the Hawaii Mood Collection. From March 18, Lucía will clearly and simply guide you through your first decor project with just 1 ball of recycled Macramé Cord. Simply use your hands and combine knots! Without knitting needles, crochet hooks, or a sewing machine. Also, each step-by-step video of this online macramé course includes a free PDF pattern download. Get your materials ready, we’ll start in no time!

salvamantel con flecos

Videos, patterns, and languages

The course starts on March 18, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. (Madrid – 10:30 a.m. CDMX). Every 3 weeks you will have access to a new video class and written pattern to complete the 5 projects in the collection. So, you will be able to make each project at your own pace, without any rush, and from the comfort of your own home.

Videos 🔔

All the videos will always be available, from their premiere onwards, on YouTube. We will hold video premieres with a chat so that you can ask all your questions live. For this reason, it is important that you activate your notifications by clicking on the bell icon on our YouTube channel.

Free online macramé course

Free patterns 🎁

In the description box of each video we will share the link to download the macramé project pattern free of charge.

Languages available 🌐

The video tutorials will be narrated in Spanish by Lucía, and include subtitles in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and Italian. Likewise, the macramé patterns will be available in these 6 languages. Therefore, you will have the written instructions and subtitles available in your language to follow each project easily and comfortably.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this course, please leave them in the comments of this post. If, during the course, you need help to continue working on your project, write your question in the comments section of the corresponding YouTube video. This way, as well as solving your questions, we can help other course students too.

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Share what you have learned

The goal of this course is to learn macramé to decorate your home; but this is also an open door to connecting with other people who are also interested in handmade decor. For this reason, we encourage you to share your progress, results and final decorations using the hashtag #KatiaMacrameCord on Instagram or, if you prefer, in our Facebook group Katia Lovers Make & Share!

You have all the information about this free online macramé course!

Learn basic knots

Lucía knittingtheskyline, an expert in macramé and other textile techniques, will be teaching you this free online macramé course so that you can comfortably learn from your own home. Each project comes with written instructions and a detailed step-by-step video available on YouTube. If you still have questions, we suggest practicing with our basic knot videos or some of our tutorials to make macramé plant pots. You’ll see how easy and fun it is to create unique pieces with just knots and your hands!

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