Free sewing pattern and video tutorial to sew a comfortable knotted dress

1 March, 2021

Today we surprise you with a new videotutorial with a free downloadable pattern to sew together a beautiful knotted mid-season dress, do you dare to sew it with us? To do this we have used one of the new summer sweat fabrics from the FLY SS21 collection.

A comfortable and versatile pattern that you can use in any season of the year, we love the touch of the knot in the front, and we want to show you how easy it is to do it. A dress pattern that you can make with stretch fabrics like the summer sweat, our classic jerseys, and the new and loving sweat towels. For this, we have invited a sewing blogger who is going to show us how to do it in detail.

My name is Jenifer, creator of the DIY Miscellany blog. In 2015 I created the blog to share my first seams, and without realizing it, this incipient hobby was penetrating so deeply that since then I have not been able to stop sewing, share sewing and pattern making tutorials, but, above all, continue training in this exciting world.


vestido anudado tutorial

A beginner-level project where you will learn many sewing techniques: how to sew stretch fabrics, how to use a double needle, and how to finish off necklines. And with a free downloadable pattern from size 32 to 46.

How to sew a knotted dress

The supplies that you will need to make this knotted dress are:

  • Free downloadable pattern HERE of the dress in sizes from 32 to 46.
  • Downloadable Instructions PDF HERE. Where you will find all the necessary information on printing the pattern, choice of size, and supplies.
  • Common tools for assembling the pattern (paper or cutter scissors, adhesive tape, etc.)
  • Summer sweat fabric (2 m – 2.5 m depending on the size you are going to make) that you can find available on our website HERE
  • Usual sewing tools (thread, pins, scissors, tape measure, etc.)
  • Sewing machine.
  • We recommend the use of:

                   · 80/12 or 90/14 jersey needle

                   · Double or twin needle for knitting 3/90 or 4.0 / 75.

vestido anudado tutorial


Before starting we give you a series of recommendations:

  • To sew the elastic fabric it is advisable to use a stitch that allows the elasticity of the fabric.
  • When using a knitted fabric, in this case, a terry cloth, it is always better to use a specific needle for this type of fabric (ball or jersey tip). We recommend using an 80/12 or 90/14 stockinette needle.
  • If you want to double stitch the bottom of the sleeves and dress, you will need a specific double or twin needle for knitting. In the video, you will see how to use this type of needle.

vestido anudado tutorial

Cut & Sew

Watch the free video tutorial that Jenifer has prepared for us to make it and follow each step carefully to get a result of 10

  1. Start by cutting out all the pieces of the dress. You will have to have: 1 front body piece, 1 back body piece, 1 bow, and 2 sleeves.
  2. Take the front piece and bring down the upper part of the dress to face this part with the skirt. Align the waist and the tie well to sew at 1 cm with elastic stitching.
  3. Remove the tie to put it on the right, for now, leave the front piece like this.
  4. Sew the loop facing the rights. Flip the bow over and iron it nicely, leaving the seam in the center.
  5. Position the back piece on a flat surface and sew the bow on the left side. You must marry the waist picket with the tie seam.
  6. Sew the front and back pieces at the shoulders with a top stitch that maintains the elasticity of the fabric.


       7. Open the body of the dress leaving the right side up and put the sleeves on top facing the right. Use the seams on the armhole and the plumbing of the sleeve to sew around the armhole with a stitch that maintains the elasticity of the fabric.

       8. Sew the sides of the sleeves and dress leaving the bows inside so as not to sew them.

       9. Measure around the neckline and cut a bias tape this size by 3.5 wide. Sew the ends of the bias to form the neck.

     10. Face the right side of the neckline and neckline of the dress to sew with a stretch stitch.

     11. Tuck the neck into the dressmaking a double hem that we sew with a stretch stitch.

     12. Sew the hem of the sleeves and hem of the dress with a twin needle, and you will have the finished dress.


vestido anudado detalle nudo

You already have your knotted dress ready to go. We hope that you liked this tutorial and that you are encouraged to try different techniques and try elastic fabrics like the one we show you in the video tutorial.