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Free online macramé course: Learn how to make 5 home decor projects with video tutorials

Free online macramé course

Now that we’re spending more time at home, it has become an important place in our lives. This last year, we have discovered new ways to learn, work and enjoy our spare time. In our search for wellbeing, we are more and more interested in interior design to create personal and welcoming spaces. We have certainly placed our trust in traditional tasks such as knitting, crochet, or sewing to customize our living space. Because creative decorative pieces spark joy and calmness in any environment. We hope that you will continue to fill “your own island” with joy! For this reason,…

Basic guide to macramé knots to create 10 modern decorative and fashion accessory projects

macramé knots

Enjoy Original Macramé and the magic of macramé! Combine different knots and yarn lengths to create 10 modern decorative and fashion accessory projects. Learn how to make the basic macramé knots with the help of our step by step videos. Each project is explained in a clear and simple way. The instructions include information about materials, knots employed, measurements, descriptions and illustrations of each step. 10 Original DIY Macramé Projects Get the Original Macramé PDF and enjoy making 4 different plant hangers, a pair of matching cushions, a handbag, a spectacular circular lamp with fringing or an ethnic bracelet and…