Happy 2022! Discover the 7 new free patterns for machine sewing

The year 2022 begins with new challenges! Like, learn to sew or improve your techniques with more advanced projects. Whatever your level is, you will surely like these 7 new free patterns that we have included in our online catalog of sewing patterns.

We suggest you download these 7 free sewing patterns to sew baby bags, skirts, bags, T-shirts, and craft bags. You just need a few fabrics to enjoy these colorful projects. If you’re still wondering what to sew, here are some easy ideas to choose from. Discover your next project among these 7 free sewing patterns!

machine sewing

7 new free patterns for machine sewing

Mini skirts and midi pareo skirts

Among the new free patterns, it is worth highlighting an important section, since we have three different models of skirts. One of them to make in tulle, another to make in sequin fabric, and finally a midi sarong skirt for women’s sizes. All of them are simple and easy-to-sew patterns, perfect for beginners.

Midi sarong skirt for women’s sizes

The downloadable pattern in A4 PDF format to make an easy model of a  midi sarong skirt in sizes S-M-L-XL. A perfect model for beginners, very fast to make. Sew with our new Recycled Scott Double Face fabrics or Vichy Muslin, ideal for these types of projects.

Sequin Skirt Kids size

A stylish skirt lined in jersey fabric and with the exterior in Paillettes or sequins fabric. Follow the simple steps to make it in the downloadable pattern in A4 PDF format and guide yourself with the step-by-step video tutorial. Choose between the 3 colors of Paillettes available.

skirt with sequins

Tulle skirt for girl size Little and Kids

tulle skirt

Discover how easy it is to sew this beautiful and colorful tulle skirt with a jersey lining. Follow the simple steps to make it in the downloadable pattern in PDF A4 format and in an afternoon you will have it ready to go. Think that this pattern not only works for you to make it with tulle, but you can use it for any other fabric that you like in our catalog such as Muslin, Bambula, Rustic Cotton, or Jersey among others.


Padded tote style bag

Go ahead and sew with the new Padded quilted fabrics, this simple bag of the most stylish and currently on-trend. A perfect pattern to get started with accessories, very easy to do with our step-by-step instructions included in the downloadable PDF A4 format.

Padded tote style bag

Crafting Bag

We’ve included 2 great new, super useful knitting bag patterns. Full of pockets and space to keep everything organized.

The first was the star of our last SAL, and it is a comfortable bag to store knitting needles, crochets, and your work with several pockets, long handles, and a snap button closure. In addition, this free downloadable pattern in A4 PDF format comes with a portable mini bag to store the ball of yarn while you knit. Enjoy knitting everywhere! You can also use it as a sewing bag.

Crafting bag SAL

The other model that we have designed is a multipurpose bag for knitting, crocheting, and sewing lovers. A perfect model to carry your tools and materials, always organized with you. We recommend that you use our resistant Canvas to make these projects.

El otro modelo que hemos diseñado es una bolsa de labores multiusos para las amantes del punto y el crochet y de la costura. Un modelo perfecto para llevar tus herramientas y materiales organizados siempre contigo. Te recomendamos que utilices para hacer estos proyectos nuestros resistentes canvas.

crafting bag


Little house style sleeping bag

The best shelter for your baby is this soft sleeping bag that is also reversible. Choose which side to use each time! We recommend using our soft Teddy Fur or Minky for the exterior and jersey fabric as the lining. Download the free pattern and step-by-step instructions to make it in A4 PDF format.

teddy fur fabric

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