How to sew a skirt with sequins or paillettes fabric: Video tutorial and free children´s pattern

10 December, 2021

Holidays, meals, and special dinners come with your family and loved ones. The sequins are perfect for sewing a garment with that festive and elegant air that you need. In addition, with a fun touch for the little ones, since it changes color when you pass your hand and turn the sequins of sense. All metallic, in pink, which changes to silver; In aqua color, which changes to bronze and in gold color, which changes to black.

See how beautiful this new party fabric is in the video tutorial with a free downloadable pattern in PDF of a simple skirt for Kids sizes. To make it, we have combined the paillettes fabric with our basic plain jersey knit fabrics.

Read carefully all the recommendations that we give you below to sew with this very special fabric. You can also make small bags like the ones we show you in the photos in the shape of a heart or a fishtail.

tela de lentejuelas o paillettes

Skirt with sequins or paillettes fabric

Take note of the list of materials and tools and follow the step by step that we show you in the video tutorial to sew this colorful party skirt.

Materials to sew the skirt

Skirt Kids sizes

  • Paillettes: 60 cm
  • Free downloadable pattern in PDF
  • Jersey solid: 60 cm
  • 1 titanium coated sewing machine needle. This type of needle is stronger and can penetrate the sequins.
  • 1 twin sewing needle for the hem of the skirt, which is made from jersey fabric.
  • Elastic: 30 mm
    Approximate waistband elastic circumference:
    12-18 m: 15 3/4” (40 cm), 18-24 m: 16 1/2” (42 cm), 2-3 y: 17 3/4” (45 cm), 3-4 y: 18 1/2” (47 cm)

falda con tela de lentejuelas o paillettes


falda con tela de lentejuelas o paillettes

Before starting, we give you a series of recommendations:

– Avoid contact of the sequin side of the fabric with the feed dogs to avoid the fabric getting jammed up or damaged.
– We recommend that you do not neaten or overlock any edges of the sequin fabric.


falda con tela de lentejuelas o paillettes

Making the skirt step by step

  1. Make the hem separately on the front and back of the jersey skirt pieces, following the pattern markings. Use the twin needle to maintain the elasticity of the fabric.
  2. Place the front and back jersey skirt pieces together, with wrong sides facing, and sew the side seams.
  3. Match the front sequin skirt piece to the back of the skirt, with the right side of the sequin fabric facing the right side of the jersey fabric. Sew the sides. Note: the upper edge of the sequin skirt section is raw, it does not have a hem to finish it off.
  4. Turn the skirt out to the right side, so the unfinished side seams are hidden in between the front jersey layer and the sequin layer. This will avoid the seams rubbing against the skin.
  5. Sew the ends of the waistband together, with right sides facing. Next, attach the waistband around the waist circumference on the outside of the skirt (with right sides facing).
    Sew around the whole circumference and position the seam, so it is facing upwards.
  6. Turn and fold the waistband towards the inside of the skirt. Baste the lower edge of the inside of the waistband to hold it in place, leaving one end open to thread the elastic through. Top stitch the waistband, so the inner part is fixed in place. As a result, the inner seam allowance will be facing upwards to avoid it rubbing against the skin.
  7. Use a safety pin to pass the elastic through the waistband. Try on for size and adjust the elastic width as required. Sew the ends of the elastic together and sew the waistband opening closed.

Go ahead and sew with sequins, and you will see how you will dazzle with the result this holiday!