Crafting bag SAL: Let´s sew together this practical multipurpose bag in our Sew-Along Katia group!

18 September, 2021

You can now order the fabrics you need to make this useful and practical crafting bag! With this new design of sewing machines, sew a comfortable and useful bag to store knitting needles, crochets, or your sewing tools, during the next Katia SAL 2021. First, we tell you that SAL is the abbreviation of Sew -Along, which means to sew together in English. Therefore, with the SAL Crafting Bag we want you to enjoy the experience of sewing this multipurpose bag together with the members of our international group Sew-Along Katia on Facebook. Join us to get the free sewing pattern for the Crafting bag!

sal bolsa para labores

Enjoy sewing in company

How to participate in SAL 2021? Once the SAL begins, we will share the pattern available in 6 languages: Spanish, English, French, Dutch, German and Italian. Sew this project at your own pace, share photos of your process, ask your questions with the group, or help other participants with tips and tricks. In addition to downloading the instructions to make this beautiful bag of work, in our Sew-Along Katia group you will enjoy all those little things that make a SAL magical. Learn new sewing techniques, play with the combination of fabrics and patterns, share each progress, and be part of a large group of sewing lovers from all over the world. Sew, connect and enjoy!

Crafting bag SAL

Crafting Bag SAL 

  • Start: October 1.
  • Duration: 2 weeks.
  • Instructions: At the beginning we will share the pattern and instructions in the Facebook group Sew-Along Katia and a video to learn how to cut the pieces on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel and activate notifications to receive a notification of each new video!
  • Languages: The pattern will be available in 6 languages: Spanish, English, French, Dutch, German and Italian. The videos will have subtitles in all 6 languages.
  • Materials:
  1. 75 cm of Poplin HABERDASHERY to make the lining.
  2. 90 cm of Cotton canvas Gold SEWING MACHINE for the exterior.
  3. 1 unit snap fastener.
  4. Thermo-adhesive Handle tape, 66 7/8″ (170 cm).
  5. Medium weight wadding 35 3/8″ (90 cm) wide 31 1/2″ (80 cm)
  6. Cotton bias tape 98 21/50″ (250 cm)

Crafting bag SAL