New free patterns and videos to create 8 easy ideas with Magic Ring, our new loop yarn

4 January, 2022

Are you crazy about anything handmade, yet find it difficult to get started and create something on your own? Well, not for any longer. Even with no experience at all, the Katia Magic Ring makes it easy for everyone to knit and crochet. Make your first crochet project quickly, comfortably and fun with this easy-to-knit loop yarn. Or, if you prefer knitting, make your own knitting project easily, thanks to this yarn with rings and soft plush touch. The Katia Magic Ring is also perfect for introducing children to the world of textile crafts. Choose a project among the 8 patterns we share for free and discover how easy it is to knit with looped yarn.

loop yarn

No matter your age or whatever your experience is with crochet and knitting, this 2022, you can surprise your loved ones with creative ideas made by you. To help you, we share 8 super easy patterns with video tutorials suitable for everyone. Gather your Magic Ring balls in your favorite colors, download the free patterns available at and follow the step-by-step videos. Create any of the handmade projects in a flash: scarf, collar, turban, attachment blanket, warmers, cushions, backpack, tablet cover and cell phone bag. Have fun with Katia Magic Ring and share your results with everyone using the hashtag #KatiaMagicRing on Instagram!

loop yarn

Magic Ring, a 100 % fun loop yarn

Magic Ring is a chenille-based fantasy yarn, with a velvet feel and an innovative ring or loop structure. Easily pull loops through with a crochet hook to achieve a knitted result. Magic Ring is perfect to initiate kids in textile arts: develop their creativity and enthusiasm for handmade things, and also avoid the frustration and boredom often caused by difficulty learning. Without a doubt, Magic Ring is an educational pastime that encourages patience, works on concentration and releases day-to-day stress.

8 ideas to easily make with Magic Ring

Patterns for accessories with a knitted look

1. Knitted scarft without using knitting needles

Knitting a scarf has never been easier, quicker or more fun! With Magic Ring, you can show off a knitted scarf without using knitting needles. Just insert the loops in this yarn through each other to make stitches. It’s that easy: you just need to use a crochet hook. Discover knitting or teach the youngest members of the family how to knit with Katia’s Magic Ring. Also, its velvet-like effect makes this scarf a must-have accessory this winter.

Loop yarn scarf

2. Cowl for beginners

This cowl is the perfect project for kids and teens to start their knitting hobby. Enjoy a quick, entertaining DIY that is easy to make with a crochet hook. If you haven’t mastered knitting or crochet yet, surprise your loved ones with soft, warm cowls handmade by you.

Cowl for beginners

DIY ideas for kids

3. Baby safety blanket

If there are children in your family who are excited for the arrival of a baby sibling, make this baby blanket-toy with them using Magic Ring. We gift you the pattern to learn how to make this Bunny safety blanket.

Baby safety blanket

Follow the step-by-step video to make this adorable crib blanket with just 1 ball of Magic Ring. 

4. Leg warmers for everyone

Ready for winter! Choose your favorite Magic Ring colors and make some soft and fluffy leg warmers in a flash. If you want to keep everyone’s legs warm, take note: in the free PDF we explain how to adapt this pattern to any size, for both children and adults.

Leg warmers

Just follow the video tutorial and easily and quickly turn 2 balls of Magic Ring, a fluffy loop yarn, into a pair of crochet leg warmers.

5. Easy to knit turban

This winter, show the youngest members of the family how to knit with a single ball of Magic Ring. Without a doubt, making a turban with loop yarn is child’s play.

Easy to knit turban

Insert loops into each other to make this soft and warm children’s turban.

Video tutorials for creating handmade accessories

6. Kawaii-style fluffy backpack

Soft and adorable, this is the definition of this bear backpack with a bowtie made with just 2 balls of Magic Ring. Surprise fans of cute backpacks and animal-inspired designs!

bear backpack with a bowtie

If you’re looking for a kawaii-style fluffy backpack, make it with some balls of Magic Ring and the free pattern with video tutorial.

7. Fluffy tablet and smartphone covers

Protect your mobile devices with these soft and fluffy tablet and smartphone covers made with just 1 ball of Magic Ring by Katia. With the free pattern, you can learn how to crochet a cover for your tablet and a bag with a handle for your cell phone. tablet and smartphone covers

Follow the video tutorial and the pattern instructions to adapt these covers to the size you need.

Project for a handmade house

8. Cactus cushion

Enjoy making this delightful fur-effect cactus cushion with Magic Ring, a loop yarn that turns crochet into child’s play. Learn how to make a cute cactus-shaped cushion with just 2 balls of Magic Ring in green. 

Cactus cushion

Download the free pattern and follow the step-by-step video to enjoy the perfect project for beginners or for children to learn the crochet technique. 

If you think crochet or knitting is hard, change your mind with Magic Ring, a special yarn for beginners and kids!