Learn to sew a dinosaur backpack with a Katia Fabrics panel and make a matching crochet Dino Hat

Back to school, hatchlings! If at home you are fascinated by dinosaurs, save this post in your Favorites or on your Pinterest board. Here are two back-to-school projects for the coolest accessories. On the one hand, our sewing video tutorial teaches you how to turn a Dinosaur Bag panel into a dinosaur backpack. And, on the other hand, here is a free Dino Hat crochet pattern created by Gallimelmas with Katia Alabama. Surprise the youngest members of the family with a hat and backpack set with a fun dinosaur design. 

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Dinosaur backpack video tutorial 

Take note of the materials needed and follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the video. We show you how to make a fun school backpack with the Dinosaur Bag panel, a Canvas Slim resistant fabric panel ready to cut and sew. You’ll see how easy and quick sewing with panels is! Make your first children’s backpack in the shape of a dinosaur with your own hands and sewing machine. 

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Materials required to sew a dinosaur backpack 

  • 1 panel CSP6 – Dinosaur Bag 
  • 82 cm de CSN1 – Canvas Slim Natur for the lining  
  • 5 mm plastic backpack zipper the same colour as the fabric: 48 cm long 
  • Loose wadding to fill the eyes and crests 
  • 2 Plastic sliding backpack strap buckles: 30 mm 
  • 25 mm webbing strap for handles: 135 cm 
  • Coloured cotton bias binding tape to finish off the seams: 5 m 
  • 15 mm elastic for side pockets: 30 cm 
  • 80 g/m2 wadding for the back handles of the backpack: 20 cm, 90 cm wide 
  • Textile spray adhesive (optional)

sew a dinosaur backpack

Making the backpack 

Cut out the pieces along the black dotted lines. Backpack seam allowance:1 cm. Pocket hem: 3 cm 

  1. Place the zipper on the two top pieces of the backpack, with the zipper face to face with the fabric, and sew the two sides 1 cm in, leaving enough space for the zipper slider to pass through. Sew bias binding tape along the seams of the zipper to finish them off. Sew the side pieces at the end of the zipper and finish off the seams with bias binding tape.
  1. Prepare the backpack pockets. Sew the bottom pleats of each pocket, ensuring that they face towards the sides of the pocket. Sew the top hem of the pockets indicated with joining marks, fold over and iron 1 cm in and then fold and sew at 2 cm in. Pass the elastic through and adjust each pocket to 15 cm so that it fits with the width of the side pieces. Sew the pockets on to the side pieces. Next, sew the base of the backpack to the two bottom ends of the pockets. Finish off the seams with bias binding tape.

sew a dinosaur backpack

Eyes and crests 

  1. Make the dinosaur’s eyes. Place the two pieces of each eye face down onto the front of the fabric. Sew along the edge except for the bottom part and then turn it the right way out. Fill each eye with the loose wadding to bulk them out, and then close with a few lock stitches along the bottom part. Place it between the two joining marks of the front side pieces so that the eye is facing the front of the fabric and towards the inside of the pieces. Fasten with a lock stitch.
  1. Make the front crests, placing them face down onto the front of the fabric and sew along the edge except the straight side part so that you can turn it the right way out. Trim a little along the curves and make notches at the angles so that the seams fit better. Turn them the right way out and fill with the loose wadding to bulk them out. Close the sides with a lock stitch. Place them face down onto the front of the fabric and towards the inside of the central piece of the panel of the backpack, between the indicated joining marks. Fasten with a lock stitch.
  1. Sew the pieces of the front of the backpack together, face to face, with the crests in the middle. Finish the two seams with bias binding tape

sew a dinosaur backpack

Back handles and straps 

  1. Make the back handles of the backpack. Cut a piece of wadding for each handle in the same shape. Sew along the back and edge of the outer handles and then place the back of each handle face down on the front of the fabric, and sew along the edge, sides and rounded part, leaving it open the top so that you can invert it. Turn each handle the right way out. Cut two 12 cm webbing straps. Place the buckle on each strap and sew them to the bottom ends of the handles as indicated by the pattern marks.
  1. Place a 22 cm webbing strap between the joining marks of the top handles (facing the front of the fabric and towards the inside of the piece). Next, place the top handles onto the back part of the backpack (indicated by the joining marks), facing the front of the fabric and towards the inside of the piece and fasten with a lockstitch. Place the two bottom straps of the backpack, cut each of them at a length of 42 cm, and fasten with a lockstitch to the bottom part of the backpack (indicated with joining marks), facing towards the inside of the piece and the front of the fabric. Pass the straps through the inside of the buckles and sew a hem at the ends of the straps.
  1. Place the back and front parts of the backpack face to face, with the side pieces that are already sewn together. The zipper is at the top, the pockets on the sides, and the base on the bottom of the backpack. Sew all along the edge following the pattern joining marks. Finish off the two seams with bias binding tape. 

crochet dino hat pattern


Crochet Dino Hat pattern 

Complete the kids’ Jurassic look with a fun crochet dinosaur hat. You just need some balls of Katia Alabama and get the free dinosaur hat pattern by Gallimelmas as a PDF at katia.com. Run like a Velociraptor and crochet before school starts! 

crochet dino hat pattern

Panels to learn how to sew 

If you want to learn how to sew, we suggest doing so with our sewing panels. Start sewing easily with fabric panels. Each panel includes all the printed project pieces, ready to cut and sew! Some panels include an instruction leaflet and others are available as a free PDF at katia.com. What are you waiting for to make your first sewing projects?

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Fill your little ones’ rooms with fun and imagination using decorative, creative and practical ideas. Enjoy sewing your first decor projects: some animal-shaped cushions, an educational mural, a ruler to measure how tall they are or organization bags, among other original panels. Do you want to dress the youngest members of the family in clothes handmade by yourself? Create their favorite T-shirts or the coolest sweatshirts with your own two hands thanks to the Katia Fabrics panels. 

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Video tutorials to sew panels 

If you want to know more about how to sew panels, take a look at the Sewing section on this blog. Lastly, we encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel where we share video tutorials to sew panels. Sewing is child’s play! 

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