Halloween Tutorial: Decorate Your Home with Pumpkins and Fabric Ghosts

27 September, 2020

Decorate the most autumnal time of year with these easy fabric ghosts and pumpkins. There is still 1 month until Halloween arrives, but we want to have everything ready to celebrate this terrifying party, and you? Sew these simple hanging ghost and pumpkin ornaments and give your home a 100% handmade touch.

They are very quick to make and also without the need to use the sewing machine. They are made entirely by hand.

To make them use one of the new Solid jersey or Solid poplin and combine them with our prints in orange tones such as Chaperone Rouge, Bread, or Chicken.

halloween tutorial

Pumpkins and Fabric Ghosts

To make these scary decorations we have used elastic jersey fabric in solid colors and prints.

You need:

      • Stretch fabric scraps
      • Colored sewing threads according to the chosen fabrics. If it is to embroider better
      • Cushion filling
      • Marker
      • Scissors
      • ThimHand
      • Sewing needle
      • Pins



Step by step to make the pumpkins:

      1. Depending on the size of the pumpkin you want, cut a more or less large square.
      2. Fold the fabric twice and cut in a curve as we show you in the video.
      3. Baste around the circle and when you reach the end strip and gather.
      4. Filling and close with a couple of stitches.
      5. Sew the eyes and mouth to your liking. Look online for inspiration, there are many possibilities!
      6. Make the slits with the thread passing through the center of the pumpkin and pulling the thread. Repeat 6 times and finish.
      7. Cut a strip of the color you have chosen for the tail, stretch and sew to the top of the pumpkin.

pumpkins tutorial

Step by step to make the hanging ghosts:

      1. Depending on the size you want the ghost, cut a more or less large rectangle.
      2. Fold the fabric 1 time on itself and draw the shape of your ghost.
      3. Cut both fabrics at the same time.
      4. Embroidery thread the eyes and the mouth to your liking.
      5. Sew the entire contour leaving a gap to fill.
      6. Filling and close.
      7. Sew a strand of thread as a pendant as we show you in the video.

fabric ghost

We love to see finished projects or projects in progress. Please, share photos or links from your blog or social networks with us. Also, remember to use the hashtags #katiafabrics to know your creations!

halloween tutorial