Learn to easily sew this envelope cushion cover and give it a romantic touch for Valentine´s Day

In our sewing class today we show you how to easily sew an envelope cushion cover with only 50 cm of fabric. Surely at some point, you wanted to give a new style to the decoration of your living room, right ?. Renewing the covers of your cushions is so easy that you will want to change them every season. A simple project, perfect for beginners and with a very colorful result. And to celebrate the feast of love, we have added a most romantic detail. A heart-shaped pocket to keep secret messages for that special person. Surprise this Valentine with this sewing project made by you.

Envelope cushion cover tutorial

To make this project you will need the following materials and tools.

envelope cushion cover supplies


– Sewing heart pattern and rectangle pattern: PDF-cushion-heart-katia-fabrics  
– 50 cm of Wolves Coord melange sweat fabric
– 20 cm of plain fabric to make the heart
– Thread according to the fabric

cushion sewing pattern


– Fabric scissors
– Pins
– Sewing machine
– Ruler, paper and pencil
– Marker


First of all, wash and iron the fabrics before starting the project. Make the cut of the pieces as indicated:

• Cut rectangle pattern on  sweater melange Wolves Coord 1 time
• Cut the heart pattern twice on the plain fabric.
All pieces include 0.5 cm seam allowance, unless otherwise indicated.

1. Mark two knots at 2 and 4 cm at each end of each side.

knots cushion cover


2. Make the hem on both short sides, iron nicely, pin and finally sew.

envelope cushion cover hem

envelope cushion cover hem

3. Cut the heart pattern 2 times on the plain fabric.

cut the heart pattern


4. Sew the two pieces of heart-shaped fabric leaving an opening of about 5 cm. Make small cuts through the curved areas every 1.5 cm almost reaching the seam. Turn around and iron.

sew the heart pattern

5. Position the heart pocket on the cushion and sew leaving the upper part open. After that, fold to form the cushion and sew both sides and turn around.

sew the cushion

6. Iron and take out the corners well. Write a love note and place it in your heart pocket. You already have your envelope type cushion ready!

envelope cushion cover ready

Put it into practice and share your creations using the hashtag #katiafabrics on Instagram.

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