Looking for gifts to sew for Christmas? These Holidays, fall in love with sewing like never before!

This post is for you, who are always looking for new patterns and ideas to sew for yourself or to give and surprise family and friends. This Christmas, if you want to get the gifts from your loved ones right, take note of the patterns that we have selected from the Katia Fabrics miniME Fall Winter 21/22 collection. We help you create that special gift for your Invisible Friend and leave him totally surprised. You just need a pattern and the perfect fabric, try the latest pattern magazine, our ready-to-cut and sew panels, or one of the new sewing KITS.

gifts to sew for Christmas

The best gifts to sew at Christmas

1.Pack of our Autumn Winter sewing pattern magazines

For 2 years, our sewing pattern magazines have been inspiring new and veteran seamstresses. Every season, we publish a new magazine with patterns for children, women, and accessories. Our magazines contain projects for all levels, comfortable, modern, and casual. This Christmas, give away a Pack with the two Katia Fabrics Autumn Winter magazines. Ask at your nearest Katia store, or make your own selection of magazines on the web.

revistas katia fabrics

2. For the more practical, give one of the sewing panels as a gift

If you are one of those who like quick and easy projects, or you arrive without much time to make your handmade gift, panels are your thing. Panels ready to cut and sew, here you will find a wide range of projects, from the easiest such as cushions, fun such as bear-shaped laundry bags, or more elaborate such as a sweatshirt or dress. Whatever your taste, you will surely find your favorite! In addition, most come with a video tutorial to make sewing even easier.

bolsas para la ropa sucia panel de sudadera con capucha curso online de costura thanksgiver t-shirt panel

3. Surprise with beautiful and useful sewing accessories

Undoubtedly, among the gifts for seamstresses that make the most illusion, after fabrics of course, ūüôā are accessories or tools such as scissors, thread trimmers, etc. We present two sewing tools that will surprise you:

  • A fantastic and elegant 28 cm tailor’s scissors that cut to please. Once the tests will become your favorites, they cut all kinds of fabrics like butter and have a very useful point-cutting precision.
  • 9.5 cm metal scissors in black. A basic in any sewing box. Use them as thread cutters or simply to cut ribbons and textiles during your work.¬†
  • Kits & Fun Zippered Paper Case: Rectangular zippered case to easily store and transport materials and small items necessary for your sewing projects. This case is made of recycled paper sealed FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), reusable, 100% eco-friendly, sewn with cotton thread, and free of dyes.¬†

accesorios de costura

4. Prepare a custom sewing kit

If you want to surprise with a unique gift, we suggest you prepare a personalized kit. We tell you how to create a personalized sewing kit. Too easy!

  1. Enter the SEWING PATTERNS section and click on the project you want to give as a gift.
  2. Once inside the page dedicated to the project, you can mark and unmark the products shown to generate your personalized kit with:
    • Model in PDF or physical magazine, in this case, click on the ADD TO BASKET button located below the cover.
    • Select the size, if more than one is available, to automatically add the necessary amount of fabric.
    • Add the necessary accessories to complete the kit.

Without a doubt, a personalized gift is something much more special and unique, don’t you think?

aprender a coser

We hope this selection of gifts to sew for Christmas will help you get your gifts this holiday season. Of course, there are many more gift ideas on katia.com and in stores that carry our brand. If you want to receive personalized attention and find the best gift for that person who enjoys sewing, without a doubt, we recommend visiting the stores.

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