Amigurumi for Minicrafters: New videos to crochet Easter eggs, chicks and bunnies

9 April, 2020

Hello, Minicrafter! Does amigurumi inspire you? Do you want to learn but don’t know how to start? Take advantage of these days at home to start this fun technique using our Easter patterns. Anna Jaune, our handicraft teacher at Katia Academy, shows you how to crochet amigurumis in the new video tutorials on our Youtube channel. Let´s learn and have fun with these Amigurumi for Minicrafters videos, no matter how old you are! We are going to crochet some Easter eggs very easily, a lovely little chick and a cute little bunny.

Amigurumi for Minicrafters:

Amigurumi for Minicrafters

The stitches used are the most basic ones… If you have any questions, no problem! Follow the step by step videos that teach you how to crochet these Easter Eggs and the Chick and Bunny Amigurumis. You will learn the following stitches: chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, increase and decrease. Once you’ve mastered these stitches there’ll be no amigurumi that can resist!

Amigurumi for Minicrafters:

Get your materials ready!

To start giving shape to these amigurumis for Minicrafters you only need: one 7mm crochet hook, aa wool sewing needle to neaten off the ends and add embroidery details, a stitch marker so you know where each row starts, filling (loose filling or wadding) to give shape and form to our amigurumi. Of course, you will need some balls of Katia Washi to make the Easter eggs; And, one ball of yellow (col. 114) to crochet the baby chick and one ball of pastel blue (col. 134) to make the Easter bunny. For the details such as beak, nose and eyes you only need leftover yarns in orange, pink and black.

Amigurumi for Minicrafters:

Easter eggs

In this super video Anna Jaune, our handicraft teacher at Katia Academy, shows you how to crochet some fun Easter eggs.

Chicken and Easter Bunny

And in this other video, Anna teaches you how to crochet this soft baby chick and this cute rabbit.

Superideas for Minicrafters

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🌐 Translated subtitles 💬

The video is narrated in Spanish, so (if this is not your language) we recommend you to activate the Youtube subtitles option:

1. Click on the Subtitles icon to activate this tool.

2. Then click on the Settings icon (just at the side).

3. Once there, click on Subtitles (1) and then on Translate automatically where you will find the language in which you want to read the subtitles.

Although sometimes Youtube´s automatic translation can have errors (names of stitches used, for example), an image really is worth a thousand words and Anna Jaune clearly shows how to make each part of this Minicrafters project.