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Amigurumi for Minicrafters: New videos to crochet Easter eggs, chicks and bunnies

Amigurumi for Minicrafters:

Hello, Minicrafter! Does amigurumi inspire you? Do you want to learn but don’t know how to start? Take advantage of these days at home to start this fun technique using our Easter patterns. Anna Jaune, our handicraft teacher at Katia Academy, shows you how to crochet amigurumis in the new video tutorials on our Youtube channel. Let’s learn and have fun with these Amigurumi for Minicrafters videos, no matter how old you are! We are going to crochet some Easter eggs very easily, a lovely little chick and a cute little bunny. Amigurumi for Minicrafters The stitches used are the…

Kids Crafts: Easter Egg Bag 🥚

easter bag tutorial

This Easter we celebrate it at home and we need the best basket to store decorated eggs you can imagine. Our third contribution to this year’s Easter projects is a practical and beautiful fabric egg storage bag. A project that children can carry out by hand sewing with your help. We’ve sewn some fun bunny ears and attached a ribbon so they can be worn comfortably while playing. Choose some cheerful fabrics, thread your needle and get to work. With this same technique, you can create original bags in the shape of a bear, fox or cat. Paint or embroider…