Socks Project Sheet 🧦 Free PDF

10 April, 2024

We’ve come to the end of our sock knitting guide, and we have a gift for you, Sock Lover! We’re sharing with you our Sock Project Sheet PDF, a free tool designed to put into practice and perfect everything you’ve learned. Take your sock skills to the next level!

Socks Project Sheet 🧦 Free PDF

Socks Project Sheet

We have created the Sock Project Worksheet from everything taught in the guide to knitting socks. From the choice of materials to the recording of your progress, this card is a visual guide designed to be your best ally in the creation of unique and personalized socks. Want to look? Click on the button to download the free PDF! 

Now you have everything you need to knit socks with precision and creativity!

Put your sock creativity in order

Let our 100% Socks Lover project sheet guide you and concentrate all the information you need in an organized way. You have drawings, boxes for marking, spaces for your notes, lists of techniques, etc.

Here is a brief description of each section of the file: 

  1. Type of pattern construction. Check the box for toe-up socks or cuff-down socks and write the name of the design, the cast-on date, or any other information you want to record in this blank space.
  2. Materials used. It marks from the type of needles, either circular or double-pointed needles, to the number of thickness and length of wire (in the case of circular needles). Next to the ball icon you can write down the quantity, colors, and names of the yarns used
  3. Gauge swatch. Paste the knitted swatch (if desired) and record the stitches (H) and rounds (V) obtained in 10 cm or 4 inches. 
  4. Foot measurements and calculations. Space to record foot measurements and calculations needed to customize the size of your socks. 
  5. Techniques used and project follow-up. Boxes to indicate the techniques used for the toe, leg, and heel as well as space to take notes and stick a photo of your finished socks (if desired).

Finally, by clicking on or scanning the QR code, you can access our YouTube playlist with all the videos dedicated to sock knitting techniques.

Download the Free PDF

It’s time to download your Sock Project Worksheet and start knitting! Click on the link below to get your copy and start planning your next 100% Katia sock project.

Check out the previous posts in our series. Each of them prepares you to use the project sheet more effectively. 

Comment, share, create!

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Happy knitting, Katia Lovers!