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How to crochet a summer hat? It’s easy with the Chabepatterns pattern!

How to crochet a summer hat?

My name is María Isabel and I am the crochet pattern designer on Chabepatterns. I have a certain fixation with bags and the tapestry crochet technique. I also love designing fun projects for kids and home decoration. Crochet is a noble art. Furthermore, the variety of yarns and techniques available is so large that you never run out of ideas. It is an incredible opportunity to share this activity with others. Therefore, I am sharing how to crochet a summer hat with a few balls of Duomo from Concept by Katia. The Vista Hat is a very easy pattern to…

Amigurumi for Minicrafters: New videos to crochet Easter eggs, chicks and bunnies

Amigurumi for Minicrafters:

Hello, Minicrafter! Does amigurumi inspire you? Do you want to learn but don’t know how to start? Take advantage of these days at home to start this fun technique using our Easter patterns. Anna Jaune, our handicraft teacher at Katia Academy, shows you how to crochet amigurumis in the new video tutorials on our Youtube channel. Let’s learn and have fun with these Amigurumi for Minicrafters videos, no matter how old you are! We are going to crochet some Easter eggs very easily, a lovely little chick and a cute little bunny. Amigurumi for Minicrafters The stitches used are the…

#KnitAtHome & #CrochetAtHome: Connect with thousands of knit, crochet and sewing lovers


Our goal is to help people stay at home and make the best of these moments as possible. Therefore, here at Katia we propose to do what you are most passionate about: knit, crochet and sew. We want to encourage you, whatever your present situation, to join thousands of handicraft enthusiasts from all over the world. So let’s see the creations they are sharing on social media networks. You can connect through Facebook, Youtube and Instagram by following the @katiayarns and @katiafabrics accounts. As a result, you will find a very active and mutually supportive community full of creative ideas. We invite you to…