5 marvellous benefits of sewing: discover the positive effects of sewing on your health

Sewing has become fashionable over the past few years, and confinement have contributed to the revival of this beautiful hobby. Sewing, the everyday pastime that we have seen our mothers and grandmothers do. Turns out to be a fantastic habit for our health. Today we are going to tell you about the multiple benefits you can gain from sewing, at both a psychological, as well as a physical, level. Discover 5 the positive effects of sewing!


What are the positive effects of sewing?

Sewing makes you feel better:

  1. Like any manual activity, it stimulates creativity, nurturing you artistic side. The sensation of creating something with your hands generates happiness, increases self esteem, and as a result, generates a feeling of well-being. In short, sewing is not only an excuse to «spend some time with yourself», but also, it confers us with the capacity to create something with our own hands, which results in us feeling good.
  2. Sewing helps to relax you and reduces stress and anxiety. Furthermore, it encourages patience and calmness, necessary characteristics to combat periods of stress.
  3. It improves memory by stimulating concentration and making us focus on the present.
  4. Sewing promotes social relationships. This enjoyable pastime has a huge number of followers. And sharing this hobby connects us, whether at a local level (with the workshops you can find in Katia shops), or on a global level (with our Facebook page Sew-Along Katia Fabrics).
  5. Sewing also improves your motor skills. To carry out this activity you need greater manual precision and sensibility which promote more finely tuned motor skills.

 Anyone can sew

Whether you are a professional sewer or just beginning your journey with this thrilling hobby, at Katia we have everything you need, including numerous sewing video-tutorials on our Youtube channel showing how to make clothes and accessories. In addition, you can find ideas and sewing techniques to help improve your finishing details. And of course, we have all the things you are going to need: fabricspatternstailor’s sheers.

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