DIY for Minicrafters: make macramé bracelets for kids with our video tutorials

19 July, 2022

Hello Minicrafter! Finally, summer break has arrived. Enjoy time for yourself and get creative learning new hobbies. This summer, we have something new for you on our YouTube channel: learn how to make macramé bracelets with our step-by-step videos. Make bracelets for yourself or as a gift for friends and family. Or maybe you want to sell them? For this project you don´t need any experience, everyone can learn it. Lucía @knittingtheskyline shows you how to make 5 different bracelets with Katia Amigurumi 100%. Order a pack of 10 different colors and get started! 

Macramé bracelets DIY for Kids Katia Minicrafters

Macramé for children 

Never tried macramé before? Don´t worry, we´ll help you! The knots are very simple, and our step-by-step videos are specially made for beginners. This summer, learn a new hobby and get addicted to creating things with your own hands! 

Macramé bracelets DIY for Kids Katia Minicrafters

What do you need to make macramé bracelets? 

For these bracelets you need 1 package Katia Amigurumi 100% which contains 10 small balls in different colors. The pack is available in 4 different color options. You will also need scissors, ruler and tape. And of course, the video tutorials which you can find below. 

Macramé bracelets DIY for Kids Katia Minicrafters

Diagonal bracelet with 5 colors 

Cut 5 threads of 160 cm in different colors. Tie a knot and stick it to the table with masking tape. Watch the video below for the knots and finishing technique. 


Chevron bracelet with 4 colors 

This bracelet has a chevron (like a v-pattern) and is made with 4 threads of 200cm in different colors. Fold the strands in half, make a knot and stick to the table with tape. In this video you can see how to make this bracelet. 


Zigzag bracelet with 4 colors 

For this bracelet you need 4 colors in different lengths: 1x 200 cm, 1x 180 cm, 1x 160 cm and 1x 120 cm. See the video below for explanation of the knots. 


Diamond bracelet with 3 colors 

This bracelet has a diamond pattern and needs 3 colors of 200 cm long. Fold the strands in half and tie a knot. Stick to the table and get started with the video below. 


Diamond and chevron bracelet with 5 colors 

Combine diamonds and chevron in this nice bracelet with 5 colors. Cut 5 threads of 210 cm. 


We hope you enjoy making these bracelets. We´d love to see what you make! Share a photo on Instagram using the hashtag #KatiaMinicrafters and tag us @katiayarns. We wish you a very sunny and creative summer break! 

Macramé bracelets DIY for Kids Katia Minicrafters