Mini Explorer CAL

Start: March 15, 2023. Duration: 5 weeks. Project: Blanket consisting of 36 3D granny squares with 24 different motifs. The Mini Explorer CAL Kit contains 34 balls of Katia United Cotton, in 12 different colors, to crochet the Mini Explorer blanket, designed by @gallimelmas, during the next 2023 Katia CAL.

Enjoy combining fantasy yarns with prints and basic yarns in projects for women, men, and the home. You’ll find from oversized garments and crop tops, to some more classic-style pieces. In Katia Sport 111, we suggest 44 youthful and informal designs, perfect for day-to-day, whatever your age.


In this Purest e-book we have collated 13 PDF sewing patterns for babies from 1 to 12 months. These patterns are suitable for all sewing levels and include perfect templates for exploring and learning new sewing techniques. In this digital publication, available only at Katia, we have gathered together 13 models to sew with the new Purest fabric, a 100% cotton in a natural undyed colour. Discover this authentic wonder of nature; an organic, biodegradable, undyed and chemical-free fabric. Futhermore, it is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for the most sensitive baby skins. Get your scissors and sewing machine ready so you can enter the amazing world of sewing for newborns with the Purest Ebook from Katia Fabrics.

Mosaic pattern fabric with cells in pastel colors reminiscent of pretty unmistakable granny squares. The color combination creates a visual effect of the classic and fashionable granny square. Use the Pastel Granny Square fabric by Katia Fabrics to create blankets, accessories, and coats this winter.

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