See the most summery sewing models of this season in our Creative room VIII

The sewing models that you have sewn with the fabrics of the spring-summer 2021 season have fascinated us. We have found garments as original and different from each other, such as a padded coat or some bike backpacks. Seeing how our fabrics are transformed in your hands into such beautiful and unique projects makes us very happy. This spring-summer we have included some new fabrics to the Katia Fabrics catalog, such as sari, Panama, translucent, plumeti, or the children’s panels, etc. And we have found many sewing projects made with them in social networks, of which we are going to show you a small sample below.

sewing models

Sewing models spring summer 2021

The first model that we show is beautiful, it is a dress with ruffles made with a very special jersey: the Slub jersey that you can find in 3 different colors in our online shop: blue, hazelnut and green.

Slub jersey
Made by @annie_made_it

If you still did not know, we have a great variety of colors of our jersey solid (22 colors) and this set made with 2 of them has seemed a very good sample of the number of projects you can do combining them or with other print fabrics.

jersey solid colors

Or this tie-back tee that matches a poplin wrap skirt. A most summery set.

conjunto camiseta y falda
Made by @elracodelajulia

Among the new panels, the one with the World map has been one of your favorites. And it is no wonder, we also have a video tutorial on how to do it step by step very easily in an afternoon.

Made by @phibertine

The garments we have seen the most have undoubtedly been dresses and blouses of different styles. We show you some projects:

This long dress with gathered ruffles made with sari fabric in coral color has enchanted us.

dress with ruffles
Made by @aeniesews

Gabi has sewn three matching garments for herself and her daughters, a dress, a blouse, and a jumpsuit. All ideal and sewn with the Panama stripes orange fabric.

panama stripes orange
Made by @gabcoud

The new rustic cottons have been the star of the season, and you can find them both in plain and in print. This blouse has been awesome since it is a fresh fabric and very easy to sew.

rustic cotton
Made by @mariajomartica

With the new canvas, we find this sewing model that has particularly caught our attention.

A very original project of bike backpacks, made with our Canvas Slim FICUS.

bike backpacks
Made by @annie_made_it

We hope you liked and inspired all the sewing models that we have shown you. For more beautiful creations, follow us on Katia Fabrics Instagram

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