Learn how to make a child´s face mask with filter pocket and nose wire 😷

This tutorial of a child´s face mask will be very helpful for children when they start to go outside. It is a tutorial very similar to the one we did a few weeks ago for adults with some variations such as a pocket to introduce a TNT filter. TNT is known as non-woven fabric, with a “cloth-paper” appearance, it is made with non-woven microfibers and is perfect for this use since it is waterproof and breathable. You can easily find it at home in promotional bags, shopping bags, shoe bags, suit covers, etc …


child´s face mask


First of all, you should know and follow the following recommendations given by the WHO (World Health Organization) when using any type of mask:

When to wear a mask and how to put on, take off, and discard a mask.

How to wash, disinfect and reuse the mask

1. Wash and disinfect the masks with normal detergent and water at a temperature between 60º-90º (normal washing machine cycle). Recommended for our fabrics.

2. Immerse the masks in a 1:50 bleach dilution with warm water for 30 minutes. Later wash with soap and water and rinse well to remove any remaining bleach and allow it to dry. Not recommend using in our fabrics because can lose their colors.

3. The TNT filter cannot be washed because it loses the impermeability. To disinfect, spray it with an alcohol of 70 ° or 90 ° at a 25 cm distance on both sides, without getting it soaked and let it dry.

child´s face mask tutorial

How to sew a children’s mask with filter

child´s face mask tutorial


We have used to make the mask a 100% cotton poplin: Sailoring Poplin Fabric

  • Elastic rubber or jersey fabric strips: 2 strips
  • Malleable wire or metal closure of sliced ​​bread or similar. (Optional)
  • MEASURES mask for children and adults: Adult Rectangle 24 cm x 20 cm (Final width 9 cm) – Child: From 2 to 5 years: 18 cm x 15 cm (Final width 5.5 cm) – From 6 to 9 years: 20 cm x 16 cm (Final width 6.5 cm) – From 9 to 12 years old: 22 cm x 18 cm (Final width 8.5 cm)

 The pattern already has the included seam of 0.5 cm.

child´s face mask tutorial lateral


  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Paper Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Marker
  • Thread
  • Cutter
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine

child´s face mask tutorial



  1. To make this easy mask, cut the pattern twice.
  2. Make a small double hem on the bottom side of each piece of 0.5 cm and 0.5 cm and pass stitching to hold it.
  3. Face the setbacks of the two pieces and sew the entire outline leaving an opening at the bottom.
  4. Turn from the right and pull out the corners well. Iron.
  5. Form the folds as we show you in the video. Sew with a topstitch.
  6. Fold in 1cm on each short side of the mask and pass a topstitch. In this way, we generate a rail through which to pass a rubber or elastic.
  7. Put the small wire inside the mask. In the upper center and sew around on the right to hold it.
  8. Adjust the elastic to the measure of each person for greater comfort.
  9. Insert a rectangle of TNT in the pocket.
  10. Help yourself with the video tutorial step by step to carry out the preparation of the mask.

child´s face mask tutorial

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