Sew raincoats, rain hats, bibs and much more with the new Waterproof fabrics

This season we have introduced Waterproof fabrics into the new Autumn Winter collection. As a result, we are really excited about including them in our catalogue. Thanks to its water resistant properties, this fabric is perfect for all kinds of projects. For instance, raincoats, rain hats, bibs, toiletry bags, backpacks, etc.

We have called the fabric Waterproof, but it can also be described as rainproof, laminated or oilcloth.

The fabric is easy to sew and will not unravel or fray. Moreover, when you sew the waterproof fabric you do not need to worry about finishing off the seam edges. This is something you will appreciate once you’ve seen the final results and the speed in which you’ve made your projects.

waterproof fabrics collection

Sewing with the new Waterproof fabrics

The six different prints available offer something for all tastes. They range from snakes to night animals and include foxs and kids’ drawings.

waterproof fabrics collection

Raincoats, capes and rain hats

waterproof raincoat

You’ve always thought sewing a raincoat would be quite difficult. True? However, you will soon see it’s a piece of cake. Thanks to our new women’s and kid’s patterns and their easy to follow step by step instructions.

waterproof raincoat for kids

Bibs and covers

waterproof bib for babies

stokke chair cover

Every mum or dad appreciates the importance of easy to clean bibs and seat covers. Why not get the new cover pattern for the Stokke chair. Furthermore, it comes with a very practical matching coverall bib for your little one.

Backpacks, bags and accessories

padded backpack

You can never have enough backpacks, bags and toiletry cases. Moreover, if they are made from Waterproof fabrics, the results are awesome.

Katia Fabrics

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