Knitted headbands, bandanas, turbans… 4 patterns for knitting this season´s key accessory

18 December, 2018

Knotted, cabled, romantic, modern, simple, elegant… turbans, bandanas or knitted headbands, are this season’s key accessory. Turbans are definitely a versatile accessory that can be adapted to all styles, and furthermore, they are easy to knit. Play with forms, textures, colours, fashion trends … and create your own knitted bandanas. Are you looking for some inspiration? Our Katia proposal includes 4 Velvet Turbans: 4 velvety designs knitted with Velvet Fine by Carmen Garcia de Mora. Transform a modest look into a memorable one, give a special gift to that fashionist friend or keep your ears warm with a touch of glamour.

Knitted headbands

4 turbans with personality

Would you like to be able to make your own knitted headbands? Great! Then let us present you to our Velvet Turbans collection: Liz, Greta, Marlene and Sophia. Download these 4 knit patterns that you can customize to your own personal taste. Each design offers a different approach to knitting the key accessory for this winter. Next, choose the yarn and colours to knit your bandana with. On this occasion, we’ve opted for Velvet Fine because of its subtle shine and velvet tact. We also have some interesting colour combinations here to help you choose. We hope that you enjoy knitting, and proudly wearing, these 4 turbans with personality!

Knitted headbands

Wrap the Liz Velvet Turban around the head once and join the ends with a small button. You only need 2 balls of Velvet Fine in the colour combination that you like best: red-black, grey-denim blue, mauve-purple…

Knitted headbands

The Greta Velvet Turban is made using only one ball of Velvet Fine yarn in a pearl stitch knit texture. Choose your favourite colour to show off this elegant headpiece. It is made up from two headbands that are subtly crossed over one another and then joined together.

Knitted headbands

Wrap our Marlene Velvet Turban around your hair and loosely knot in place. Make this romantic knitted headband in intarsia using Velvet Fine. In addition to the brown-beige colourway, we suggest grey-brick or red-fuchsia.

Knitted headbands

Lastly, play with two headbands that are joined together to create the Sophia Velvet Turban. Again, you only need two balls of yarn to look stunning in this elegant striped double bandana.

Knitted headbands

Knitted Headbands

Are you wondering how to position and wear these turbans correctly? Try your knitted turbans tied behind the neck or at the front of the forehead. Place your headbands on top of loose hair, or with the hair tied up in a low or high ponytail. In short… knit, try, and have fun!

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