Top Rainbow and the evolution of multicolour yarn: 5 different colours for a spectacular gradient effect

Top Rainbow

Do you think the Katia Spring Rainbow gradient yarn is awesome? Well just wait until you discover the multicolour evolution of Katia Top Rainbow. A super ball of yarn weighing 200 grams with 800 metres in a practical format for knitting and crocheting garments and much more than just shawls. You see, our most recent development is on the “top” of our multicolour yarns for various reasons. This is our gradient yarn with the greatest number of different colours. Up to 5 colours are combined to create a spectacular multicolour effect!  Pastels, vibrant tones, pinks, greens, blues, oranges, browns reds and greys are all featured in the 8 gradient Top Rainbow yarns. Choose your favourite colourway and start your project in comfort thanks to the system Easy Starta pair of small dice that indicate the start of the ball of yarn. It’s as easy as that!

Easy Start

A Top Rainbow shawl or poncho?

Of course, with only one ball of  Top Rainbow you can make a knitted shawl to wrap yourself up in. You already know the formula: one ball, one shawl. But with 2 balls of Top Rainbow you can knit a sublime poncho. On our web you’ll find a downloadable knit pattern in PDF format to knit this spectacular Top Rainbow poncho. There’s no doubt that this is a very versatile project that can be worn as a shawl, poncho or scarf.

Top Rainbow

If you prefer crochet, we are also sharing a free pattern to make a magnificent crochet shawl. We’re also convinced that you’ll enjoy the colour cycle which has been increased from 3 to 5 ends of colour. An increasingly amplified multicolour effect, whereby the monocolour areas have been eliminated to create a more subtle blend of colours. And the result? A surprising progression of gradient colour at every turn of your shawl or poncho.

Top Rainbow

9 comments on Top Rainbow and the evolution of multicolour yarn: 5 different colours for a spectacular gradient effect

  • jill stortenbeker

    Hello Katia, I am having difficulty working out how to purchase your yarn. I go to the page of choice and the yarn choices come up but no way of purchasing it. Ant tips would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Hi Jill,
      We are sorry to inform you that we only offer single patterns in downloadable PDF format on our online shop. Please visit the nearest shop to buy our yarns, printed magazines and accessories.

      Thank you very much for the interest shown in our products.
      Kind regards

  • Joanie Rhodes

    Hi, I bought Top Rainbow at Cast on Cottage in Roswell. I am looking for a pattern that was on the band last year. It was a checkered pattern not lace.
    Many thanks!

    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Hi Joanie, please, we need to know some more details to help you find the pattern you are looking for. Could you tell us what kind of garment is exactly? However, please visit our Models section on the web:
      We hope you find the pattern easily!

      • Wendy

        Katia Top Rainbow pattern…. for,the shawl or poncho – I need the written pattern instead of the graph.
        Thank you

  • Wendy

    I am having difficulty with this pattern ( scarf- poncho) please send me written pattern instead of the graph.
    I would very much appreciate it. I have ripped it lut several times and am inable to work out the stitches.

    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Hi Wendy, Please send your inquiry to and our team will provide you with all the information you may need.
      Thank you very much. Greetings!

  • Wendy

    Top rainbow pattern is the one I am having difficulty with

  • Christine Edmands

    NEEDING ! to purchase Katia Rainbow Wendy Evolution 663 – orangey in centre and teal on outer – happy to pay postage from anywhere. Just love this colourway but can’t seem to find it available for purchase.

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