14 new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia to fall in love with and win a very special prize

We know it’s cold out there, but it’s February, the month of love. You know, San Valentine’s… a perfect reason to get to know new yarns, fall in love and dream of future DIY projects. Therefore, today we are presenting 14 new Katia Spring Summer 2018 yarns. Take note! Multicolour cottons, tape yarns, which are lighter than t.shirt yarns, and the best selection of natural fibres or recycled yarns are just some of our proposals so that you can knit with love, of course.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

So, do you want to know more about our Spring Summer 2018 yarns? Well then, continue reading… and if it’s love at first sight with one of our new yarns by Katia, congratulations! You get the chance to take part in our You are the yarn that I want prize giveaway. (Sorry if you can’t stop singing the song from Grease). At the end of this post we’ll give you all the details you need to know about how to take part in the prize giveaway and win a very special prize.

New Yarns by Katia 

Multicolour diversion

Bora Bora. 100% cotton available in 5 colours, but in 2 different colour cycles. So you’ll obtain surprising printed effects when you alternate short cycle balls of yarn with long cycle balls of yarn.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

Capri Plus. The cheerful multicolour version of Capri, one of our best loved mercerised basic cotton yarns, has arrived.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

Malibu Plus. Our mottle effect yarn Katia Malibu has evolved: on the one hand we have; a base of both intense and undyed pastel colours, and on the other hand; a white tape yarn speckled with multicoloured flecks.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

Special Tape Yarns

Hawaii. A novel light weight tape yarn with a t.shirt appearance for making exclusive garments. A very easy yarn to work with using large needle sizes and only 3 balls are needed to make a fresh simple girl’s top.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

Maui. 100% cotton yarn with an irregular thickness in 7 vibrant multicolour tones. A perfect yarn for making colourful tops for this spring.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

Mini Washi. This is the finest and most summery tape yarn available from the Washi family which is suitable for making home accessories and all types of garments. For example, with only 2 balls of Mini Washi you can make a youthful woman’s top.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

Using only one ball of yarn

Funny Rainbow. Your experience whilst knitting or crocheting with our yarns is very important to us. Therefore, we hope that working with these balls of yarn KNOT-FREE will make you very happy this spring. Besides a shawl, using only one ball of Funny Rainbow you can make a top, a waistcoat or a scarf in a surprising explosion of colour.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

Sunset. Prepared to shine? Then why not do it using this cotton cake yarn with authentic glass beads. Make an elegant neckerchief scarf from only one ball of yarn and dazzle throughout the summer nights.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

Soleil. 200 grams of a light voluminous yarn with a perfect twist which makes it so easy to knit or crochet into a colourful shawl.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

Different yarns

Montecarlo. Does this fancy yarn seem familiar to you? We’ll tell you a secret: you’ve probably seen it in the window displays of some well known brands, designer’s collections and in fashion magazines.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

Recycled. A yarn for knitters and crocheters committed to the environment. On the one hand we have; organic cotton cultivated without pesticides, and on the other hand; a recycled polyester made from discarded plastic bottles.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

Tencel-Cotton. Do you know what Tencel is? It’s Lyocell, a biodegradable fibre made using an ecologically sustainable process where 99% of the materials used are recycled.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

Concept by Katia

Cotton-Alpaca. A blend of Made in Peru materials: Alpaca and Tanguis Cotton. This cotton comes from Pisco and is notable for being very resistant and having particularly long fibres. The yarn is spongy and suitable for working with using large size needles and hooks.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

Polynesia. 100% natural slub yarn that combines the softness of cotton, the simplicity of linen and the elegance of viscose.

new yarns Spring Summer 2018 by Katia

You are the yarn that I want

Finally, take part in our ‘You are the yarn that I want’ prize giveaway with a chance to win a very special prize. Confess your love for one of our new yarns and a Spring Summer 2018 super prize giveaway could be yours. To enter the prize giveaway draw you must:

  1. Complete the following form with: your first name and surname. Indicate your email address and mark the box of the new Katia yarn that you have fallen in love with.
  2. Subscribe to our blog (if you haven’t already done so). You will receive a confirmation email with a link to follow, click on the link to complete your subscription.

Prize Giveaway Regulations

The prize giveaway is open to European residents only. Only one entry per email is allowed. You can participate in the prize giveaway draw until Wednesday 28th February at 23:59 GMT (UTC+0). We will announce the winner’s name on Thursday 1st March. And of course, you are invited to comment about all these novelties on this post. Share your love for these new balls of yarn with everybody!


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  • Arja

    I am in love at your funny rainbow sea colour’s, how gorgious is that.
    But i love many more above, what a beautiful yarns.

    Lovely greets Arja

    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Thanks for your comment, Arja!

  • Ilaria

    I reality like the colours of your yarns.
    They spread happyness and love !

    THANKS !

  • Maisha Stephens

    It’s really beautiful, gorgeous yarns…. I reality love the colours of your yarns…. thanks for sharing..!!

  • Francine

    Where can I find the patterns shown on your site?

  • Sue

    I have a question on your patterns, when the chart doesn’t say what to do on the even rows, do you knit or pearl?


    • Katia Yarns (author)

      Hi Sue, in this case, work all stitches as they present themselves = knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches. If you still have any questions, please write to info@katia.com and our Pattern Design Team will help you to continue with your project.

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