Discover our recycled fabrics by Katia Fabrics and create your own environmentally friendly fashion 🌍💚

Autor: Katia
12 May, 2023

Within the crafting community, there is a growing interest to know the source of the fibers used to make each fabric, something Katia Fabrics keeps in mind. If you too are interested in creating your own environmentally friendly fashion, explore our line of recycled fabrics by Katia Fabrics and discover the key fabrics to create your own sustainable wardrobe.

recycled fabrics

Recycled fabric line by Katia Fabrics 

If you sew or knit your own clothes, congratulations, you are already part of sustainable fashion! You create garments for yourself and your family. Feel the satisfaction of wearing your own creations! 

recycled fabrics

Three-toned gingham recycled fabric 

Firstly, the Recycled Vichy Tricolor gingham fabric includes 50% of recycled cotton in its composition. Its check design is reminiscent of lumberjack shirts. Sew shirts, overshirts, or skirts, and pants for babies, kids.

recycled fabrics


Ribbed knit fabric 

A circular knit fabric with vertical rib, its texture is reminiscent of corduroy fabrics. Ribbed Recycled Knit fabric is a super elastic knit with more than 50% recycled polyester. It feels really soft and has beautiful drape thanks to the viscose fibers included in its composition. 

recycled fabrics

Fleece knit fabrics 


Then, Recycled Brushed Jersey is a circular knit fabric, lightly carded on the outside, to achieve a fabric with an exceptionally soft feel. This lightweight and soft jersey knit fabric is ideal to sew T-shirts, rompers, pants or this sweater with a free pattern and video tutorial. 

Recycled canvas fabrics 

Plain color canvas fabrics 

Recycled Canvas fabric is a fabric made with plastic bottles (13%) and pre-consumer recycled cotton (84%). A rustic natural fabric that is soft and resistant ideal for home accessories, backpacks and other accessories such as this bag with pouch included to go to the beach or the swimming pool. 

Canvas-style recycled denim fabric 

Twill fabric made with post-consumer recycled denim, that is, textile waste products, is the perfect sustainable option to make home décor accessories like cushions, tablecloths, and also accessories. You can find it in a plain color or this beautiful ethnic print. 

recycled fabrics

Recycled print canvas fabric 

This canvas fabric is made with plastic bottles (13%) and pre-consumer recycled cotton (84%). Recycled Canvas Print is a rustic natural fabric that is soft and resistant, ideal for tablecloths, cushions, and curtains. Available in two different prints: with leaves and branches in orange tones and a striped print. 

Recycled thin canvas 

Finally, checked thin canvas in orange and blue tones. Its composition consists of more than 50% recycled cotton. This is a similar fabric to the original Katia Fabrics canvas, but slightly more lightweight. Perfect for tablecloths, cushion covers, curtains, and the home in general. 

We hope that these recycled fabrics by Katia Fabrics encourage you to carry on creating your own sustainable fashion