3 Knitting Games to enjoy the funnest and woolliest party on World Wide Knit in Public Day 2023

Autor: Katia
9 May, 2023

This World Wide Knit in Public Day we want you to experience a really woolly party! As well as the crochet garland (from the previous post) to decorate World Wide Knit in Public Day 2023 events, we share 3 super fun Knitting Games. That is, competitions and challenges to test your knitting and crochet knowledge and skills. Get ready to spend a day full of laughter, excitement, and lots of yarn!

Knitting Games

INSTAGRAM COMPETITION. We also want to reward you for spreading your love for knitting and crochet beyond the walls of your home. Find out how to win a set of Katia products —valued at €150— through our #KatiaKIP2023 Instagram competition at the end of this post…

3 Knitting Games for WWKIP Day

At Katia, our mission is to encourage creativity, generate wellbeing and build a community. What better way to achieve this goal than with a series of fun woolly games! If you want to take part or organize an event on June 10, 2023, for World Wide Knit in Public Day, take note! Amaze everyone with these 3 ideas for Knitting Games

Knitting Games

Speed Knitting

Citius, Altius, Fortius — Knitter! Although this Speed Knitting test can be approached from many angles, the goal is to knit faster than anyone else. Who will manage to knit the longest piece in the shortest amount of time? Get ready for the challenge!

🧶 Rules of the game

    • A time limit is set to knit the longest piece possible.
    • Participants can use any knitting technique they desire.
    • The length of the knitted piece will be measured when the time’s up.
    • The winner will be whoever knits the longest piece within that time limit.

Juegos Tejeriles speed knitting

Winder’s Race

If you are good at winding yarn by hand or with a ball-winder, this game is for you. In the Winder’s Race, you compete against other people to be the fastest to wind a skein of yarn. Can you do it in the shortest amount of time? There is only one way to find out!

🧶 Rules of the game

    • We measure the time it takes to wind a skein by hand or with a ball-winder.
    • The winner is whoever cakes up a skein in the least amount of time, like an individual time trial.

competición de ovilladoras

Blind Yarn Tasting

Prove that you know how to identify diverse types of yarn and their compositions, only through touch. This game will put your senses to the test! While blindfolded, you will touch (you can also smell) different balls of yarn to try to guess which fibers and materials they are made of. Will you be able to guess the composition and commercial names of Katia yarns?

🧶 Rules of the game

    • Collect several balls of diverse types of yarn from the brand Katia.
    • Each ball must have a label showing its composition and commercial name.
    • Participants must be blindfolded to not see the balls of yarn.
    • One participant at a time must touch the ball to try to guess its composition (wins 1 point) and commercial name (wins 5 points).
    • Finally, whoever scores the most points at the end of the yarn tasting wins.

cata de lanas a ciegas

We bet you cannot wait for it to be World Wide Knit in Public Day to amaze everyone with these Knitting Games! Remember that on our Store Map you can see which businesses near you organize events to celebrate Knit in Public Day 2023. Contact or visit your LYS to find out more about the meeting point, timetable, and the day’s activities. We hope you enjoy these knitting meetups and have fun playing the Knitting Games!

crochet garland with letters

#KatiaKIP2023 Competition

On June 10, in one month, we’ll be celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Day. As well as knitting together outdoors or at organized events at Katia stores, make the most of the opportunity to participate in our #KatiaKIP2023 Instagram competition.

  1. Share a photo or video on Instagram of you knitting in public with Katia yarns.
  2. Add the #KatiaKIP2023 hashtag to the description and tag @katiayarns.

 Extra entry

    • If you upload a photo or video of the WWKIP you attend where you can see the crochet garland suggested this year by Katia to decorate public spaces, you have double the chances of winning the giveaway.
    • You also get an extra entry for sharing a photo or video of you or participants in the event playing one of the Knitting Games mentioned in this post.

Participate! Upload your photos and videos (reels) by June 12, 2023, for a chance to win a set of Katia products valued at €150.

crochet garland with letters

 #KatiaKIP2023 Winner

And, the winner is elena.parenti. Congratulations!  We hope you enjoy many projects with Katia. To everybody else, good luck next time, because yes, we are already thinking about new giveaways having lots of fun and competitions involving knitting and crocheting. Thanks to everybody for participating!

Competition rules

  • The photos presented as candidates for the competition must be your own.
  • IMPORTANT: Post the photo or video within the period the competition runs for: from May 9 to June 12, 2023 (inclusive). Photos or reels published before May 9, 2023, are not eligible for the competition.
  • Your Instagram profile must be public (not private) for us to take your photo into account.
  • Obviously, you can share as many photos as you like.
  • Each Instagram profile can have a maximum of 3 entries:
    1. knitting Katia yarn sin public
    2. garland from the previous post decorating the WWKIP event
    3. playing one of the Knitting Games
  • The giveaway is open to residents of Europe, Mexico, the US, and the UK.
  • Giveaway date: June 13, 2023, through Apps de Sorteos.
  • We will announce the winning profile on this post and on Instagram.
  • We will contact the winning profile through direct message on Instagram: to directly report the result of the giveaway and request the details necessary to send the prize.