11 new Katia yarns to enjoy making projects with only 1 or 2 balls this Autumn Winter 2019-2020

14 August, 2019

Stop the summer crochet or knit project you are working on for a moment and take note. Here are another 11 new Autumn Winter 2019-2020 Katia yarns! In our last post we introduced you to the 6 new yarns from Concept by Katia. Furthermore, we launched a prize giveaway (after reading this post you can visit the previous post and take part!). However, there are still many more novelties to come! But for now, if you enjoy making projects with only 1 or 2 balls of yarn, stay with us to discover these 11 new Katia yarns.

new Katia yarns

New Katia Yarns

Azteca Infinity

There is a new addition to the popular Azteca family: Multicolour yarn for making accessories in soft gradient tones. Crochet a long scarf, knit a lovely shawl or any other simple accessories using only one ball of Azteca Infinity.

Knit a shawl with only one ball

Planned Pooling

Planned Pooling yarn (a yarn with planned colour changes) to easily knit or crochet diamond patterns using only one ball. Due to the great success of Magic Diamonds, we are introducing Magic Diamonds Flash and Big Diamonds.

Magic Diamonds Flash

Soft, lightweight and fun yarn for knitting or crocheting diamond patterns designs without having to change the ball of yarn. With this yarn we combine the magic of the diamond pattern with the multicolour print. Follow the video to make a cheerful diamond pattern neck warmer in crochet using only one ball of yarn.

Planned Pooling yarn

Big Diamonds

Would you prefer to make a bigger project? Then Big Diamonds is for you. Knit or crochet the traditional tartan or scottish argyle diamonds with only one ball of yarn. Have fun crocheting a poncho-jacket or knitting a beautiful blanket for your sofa.

Planned Pooling yarn

Perfect Cycle

Two new Perfect Colour Cycle yarns have been added this season: Melody Star and Melody Jacquard Print. Naturally, both balls of yarn create beautifully blended soft gradient colour effects.

Melody Star

Colourful Perfect Cycle merino yarn with a festive metallic touch. Turn heads in an elegant sleeveless ribbed jumper or a maxi shawl using only two balls of yarn. Knit a soft and chic neck warmer on circular knitting needles using only one ball of yarn.

Colourful Perfect Cycle merino yarn

Melody Jacquard Print

A Perfect Cycle merino yarn, fun to knit or crochet and available in a joyful colour range. Easily create knitted jumpers and jackets with a soft gradient colour effect combined with a touch of animal print thanks to the Jacquard effect. Knit an attractive neck warmer on circular needles using one ball of yarn, or a simple knit poncho with two balls of yarn.

Colourful Perfect Cycle merino yarn

The Paint family is growing

Big Paint

Very soft slub yarn for knitting or crocheting cheerful and colourful accessories. If you enjoy knitting or crocheting shawls using Katia Paint, try some warm scarves and pom pom hats with this new chunkier spongy version. Make an easy to knit or crochet colour block hat using only one ball of yarn.

pom pom hats

Twisted Paint

Thick multi-ended yarn created for making colourful accessories using only 1 ball of cake type yarn. Thanks to the rounded structure of the yarn, formed by 2 different long cycle prints twisted together, each ball of yarn is unique. Knit or crochet simple and fun projects, quickly and without too much effort in amazing colour combinations. We are sharing a double neck warmer crochet pattern using only one ball of yarn and a simple sleeveless jumper using two balls of yarn.

multi-ended yarn

For knitting socks

Rainbow Socks

Can’t you stop knitting socks? Discover a box prepared with two balls of yarn so you can knit two socks, in beautiful gradient colours, at the same time. Moreover, thanks to the Merino Superwash and polyamide blend, you can wash your socks without any worries.

New Katia Yarns For knitting socks

For winter sweaters

Easy Jacquard

Medium weight print yarn for easily knitting or crocheting a winter jacquard effect. Download the free patterns and enjoy knitting a hat and scarf set on circular needles using only one ball of yarn. Make a simple kid´s jumper with only one ball (250g) or make your own Easy Jacquard jumper in size 8-10 using two balls of yarn.

New Katia Yarns

Special for accessories


Chunky slub presented as a spongy cake yarn. A versatile multicolour yarn suitable for for all kinds of accessories and knit and crochet garments. Download the free patterns and knit a double neck warmer or crochet an easy and quick to make scarf with tassels using only 2 balls of yarn.

make scarf with tassels using only 2 balls of yarn.

To knit baby clothes


A furry handle yarn with a high yield for making the softest contemporary baby clothing. Hats, jumpers and playful animal shaped cushions in solid pastel and natural tones for the newborn´s room.

new yarns to knit baby clothes

New yarns available now!

Do you feel excited about these new yarns? Find them on sale in Katia Shops and on the website*, where you can also download many new free patterns. As always, we encourage you to share your knit and crochet projects on our Facebook and Instagram pages with the hashtag #KatiaYarns

new Katia yarns

*Available for online purchases made at the website from the United Kingdom, Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands), Mexico, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium.