Take part in the first Katia Designers Awards

6 December, 2016

Katia Designers


We´re pleasantly surprised with the high level of participation in the First Katia Designer Awards!

It makes us very happy to know it’s inspired you so much… In fact we´ve received nearly 100 great projects! And thanks to this competition, we’ve discovered some really interesting knitters and crocheters. Faced with this large volume of proposals, we´re asking you to exercise a bit of patience and give us a little time (until the 20th January) so that the Katia Design Team can carefully study each creation and decide, without rushing, the project winner of the First Katia Design Awards.

Many heartfelt thanks to all you creative people! You´re incredible!

We want to know the designer that you have inside, therefore, here at Katia we´re presenting the first Katia Designers Awards competition. Transform one of your ideas into an easy to make knit or crochet design using our yarns and make the most of this opportunity to have a design created by you published with Katia. Take part! There´s a space reserved for you in a new Katia magazine for next Autumn – Winter 17/18.


3 requirements that your Katia Designers design must comply with

  1. Knit or crochet using Katia. Knit or crochet a woman´s garment, an accessory or a piece for the home using one or various of the following Katia yarns: Love Wool, Maxi Merino, Gravity, Inca and Azteca / Azteca Milrayas (free choice of colours employed).
  2. Easy pattern. The pattern instructions must be easy enough to understand and easy to knit or crochet for those people who are just starting to learn how to knit or crochet (free choice of technique employed).
  3. Created by you. It is of the utmost importance that the design and the pattern instructions have been created by you.


What does the prize consist of?

  • Your design will be published in a new magazine from the next Autumn – Winter 17 / 18 season, accompanied by your name and blog (if applicable).
  • Katia yarns, knitting needles, crochet hooks of your choice for a value of 150€ and a copy of the new magazine that has your design published in it.
  • Your design will be available on our web, blog, social networks…and it will be translated into 6 languages: Spanish, French, English, German, Italian and Dutch. Your design will be international!


???? There´s a space reserved for you in our new magazine, take part with your best design in the Katia Designers Awards. ????

Have you got all that? Take part!

Write to us at club@katia.com:

  • Indicate the Subject: Katia Designers Awards
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself: when did you learn to knit or crochet, what has inspired you to make your design, etc.
  • Add a small technical information sheet: material employed (number of balls and colour), needle or crochet hook size and any other details which you consider to be relevant or interesting.
  • Add the best 3 photos of your design (viewed from different angles). If you have created a garment or an accessory, try to take the photos of your design on the human body (a mannequin, your best friend, your sister, yourself…). Take care that the lighting and focus are done well so that the judges can appreciate your work to the best of its advantage.


Time and choosing the winning design

  • You can present your design until 15th January 2017.
  • On the 17th January 2017 the name of the winning design will be published and the designer will be contacted via email.
  • A jury formed by the Design Team at Fil Katia S.A. will select the first winning design of the 1st Katia Designers Awards.

Publishing conditions

  • The designer gives his or her permission to allow Fil Katia S.A. to publish the design, and the knit or crochet instructions, in a new Autumn – Winter 2017 / 2018 magazine.
  • Katia will be responsible for collecting the winning design in order to take the photos that will be published in our new magazine. After the publication of the magazine we will be responsible for returning the design to its creator.
  • For his or her part, the designer agrees not to publish or circulate any images of the design and the pattern in any other medium before the new Katia magazine in which the design is included has been published.