4 knitted garment trends for kids which are easy to make with the new Katia Kids 91 magazine

It’s still summer, but – like all true yarn lovers – we are already getting ready for the winter season. As you already know (we recommend that you subscribe to this blog to keep up to date), the new Katia Autumn Winter 2019-2020 collection is now available on the website. In addition to the 30 new Katia yarns, we are also publishing hundreds of knit and crochet patterns. Furthermore, in our magazines you can find models for the whole family, whatever your level might be. We are starting with the little ones of the household! We propose 4 knitted garment trends for kids in the new Katia Kids 91 magazine. Moreover, they are easy to make and both fun and comfortable to wear. Embrace the furry softness of fleece and plush fabrics; celebrate the joy of stripes; have fun with multicolour yarns; and, of course, relax with the simplicity of the updated basics.

knitted garment trends for kids

Knitted garment trends for kids

Soft like fur

Knit kid’s garments and accessories with the indescribably soft furry texture of Katia Polar and Katia Velour. You only need a few balls of Katia Polar to knit this poncho or this hooded sweat top. They will be both warm and fashionable at the same time!

knitted garment trends for kids hooded sweat top

Find the key to success for knitting this charming very soft and very simple jumper with one of the 24 colours available in Katia Velour.

soft furry texture simple jumper

What do you think about knitting something from the furry accessories trend? We propose a plush furry bag and matching soft textured neck warmer made with Katia Polar and Merino 100%. These accessories are, without a doubt, the perfect girl’s accessories for any budding fashionist 😉

plush furry bag

neck warmer made with Katia Polar

Colourful party

This winter, the multicolour trend is a key fashion story, and as a result many of our new yarns are multicolour too. Furthermore, they are easy to knit up into fun and diverse colour effects. For example, you only need a few balls of Katia Balloon to make this soft chunky knit cardigan.

chunky knit cardigan

Make a simple boy’s jumper or this beautiful girl’s cardigan with the elegant Basic Merino Color colour range. Add some awesome crochet flowers for those day dreamy girls.

knitted garment trends for kids

If you enjoy knitting with Merino 100%, try combining its colours with the special multicolour yarn Merino 100% Craft. Play with all the possible colour combinations for knit garments like this sporty jacket or this unisex jumper for beginners.

knitted garment trends for kids

Lastly, we have these youthful jumpers knitted on two needles using the new Cotton-Merino Craft yarn. They are the ideal companions for your kid’s, nephew’s or grandchildren’s adventures.

knitted garment trends for kids

Knitting stripes is cool!

Printed stripes are easy to knit, and furthermore, they are one of those essential designs that can always be found in the family closet. Additionally, knitting your own garments always allows you the freedom to make something unique. Like this boy’s jumper –made with Catena Merino Fine that combines a classic stripe stitch with other fantasy stitches.

easy to knit stripes

There is no need to change the ball of yarn when you knit this long waistcoat! Thanks to Azteca Milrayas, the black and coloured stripes are created automatically whilst you knit.

knit a long waistcoat

Which Velvet Fine colours will you choose to knit the wide stripes on this velvety soft jumper?

velvety soft jumper

Updated basics

We suggest that you revisit the garments made up in basic stitches and add some simple details to update them. This boy’s knit cardigan, for example, is completely transformed thanks to the asymmetric colour blocks.

garments knit in basic stitches

The small frills on the shoulders of this jumper, which is knitted with Katia Persa, add a romantic and modern touch.

frills on the shoulders of jumper

The accordion stitch cuffs and waistband, knitted with the gradient colour yarn Shadow, add a modern touch to this attractive boy’s jumper.

accordion stitch cuffs and waistband

Combine a classic winter design with a coloured marl effect to create this modern knit sweater. You only need to use Katia Duende and Merino Sport, two yarns that are both easy and agreeable to knit with.

classic winter design sweater

Even easier!

To finish, we are highlighting 3 quick and easy to make knit patterns. This garter stitch neck warmer is made with only one ball of Katia Bambi. Furthermore, it is an ideal project to encourage kids to start knitting.

garter stitch neck warmer

If you consider yourself to be a beginner knitter, this unisex waistcoat could be an ideal project for your first garment. It is made in fisherman’s rib stitch using Katia Laponia.

fisherman’s rib stitch

Finally, if you feel ready to try a bigger garment, here is the project for you. A simple pinafore dress made with only a few balls of Merino Aran.

pinafore dress pattern

We invite you to discover the rest of the models in the Katia Kids 91 magazine on our website. Tell us, in the comments section, which knitted garment trends for kids you are going to make or would like to make this winter. If you do make any of our models, please share the results on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #madewithkatia and @katiayarns.

knitted garment trends for kids

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