Amigurumi Challenge with Lana & Ovi, Katia´s Minicrafters that fearlessly knit everything they imagine

Autor: Katia Yarns
28 September, 2021

You start an amigurumi by learning the famous magic ring and end up calling it the tragic ring. You try inserting safety eyes without losing your fingerprints or your patience. Or, when you are concentrating on sewing all the pieces of an amigurumi with surgical precision, and it ends up looking like Frankenstein. Halloween is coming, confess: have you experienced any of these “crochet terrors”? 😛 Whichever your experience making amigurumis, we suggest participating in the #KatiaMinicrafters Amigurumi Challenge, a crochet challenge with a free pattern and prizes for the most terrifyingly fun photos on Instagram. Get to know Lana & Ovi, Katia’s Minicrafters that fearlessly knit everything they imagine. And find out how amigurumi is the most creative, fun and imaginative crochet technique. Crochet, guts and go for the prize!

Amigurumi Challenge

Lana & Ovi, Katia’s Minicrafters

First, we want to let you know that Lana & Ovi are part of Katia’s Minicrafters. In case you didn’t know, Minicrafters are our young students from the Katia Academy textile art classes. Well, like any good Minicrafter, Ovi & Lana are handmade whizzes who aren’t afraid of learning new textile techniques. As soon as they have an idea, the ball of yarn on their heads comes into action to make it come true! For this reason, if there is a Minicrafter inside of you, the Amigurumi Challenge with Lana and Ovi on Instagram is for you.

Katia academy minicrafters

Free PDF pattern

Next, get some balls of Katia Alabama in different colors ready, as well as a 3.5-mm crochet hook! Because we’re going to share this amazing free pattern to make your own Ovi & Lana amigurumis. In the PDF download, you will find row-by-row instructions and step-by-step images to easily understand how to make embroidered details. Of course, if you have any questions about how to do any of the stitches used, take a look at our new basic crochet stitch videos.

Amigurumi Challenge

Amigurumi Challenge

Here are the requirements to fearlessly participate in the #KatiaMinicrafters Amigurumi Challenge:

  1. Create your Minicrafters. Follow the crochet pattern —available as a free PDF— to make the amigurumis of Ovi & Lana, Katia’s Minicrafters. We encourage you to make both characters or whichever you like the most with your favorite Katia yarns. And if you want to give them your own personal touch, feel free to customize them.
  2. Share a “terrifying” photo. Upload 100% Halloween photos featuring Lana & Ovi (or at least one of them) to your Instagram account: these must be creative, original and fun. Important: remember to add the #KatiaMiniCrafters hashtag and mention @katiayarns.

So have fun and surprise the Katia community! Participate in the Amigurumi Challenge with your Ovi & Lana crochet toys on Instagram by October 31, 2021, Halloween. If you have any questions, read the competition rules at the end of this post or write your question in the comments, please.

Katia academy minicrafters

From illustration to amigurumi

Our dear friend Mel @gallimelmas, an amigurumi teacher, is responsible for bringing Lana & Ovi to life, the characters illustrated by Pau Lopez Navarra for Katia Academy, our textile arts workshops for schools. Without a doubt, this is a truly magical and special rendition from illustration to amigurumi. For this reason, this Halloween, we encourage you to fearlessly participate in the #KatiaMinicrafters Amigurumi Challenge. Give your creativity and imagination a boost and add some fun to your projects!

Patrón amigurumi gratis halloween

Patrón amigurumi gratis halloween

Competition rules

  1. The photo or photos presented as candidates for the competition must be your own.
  2. Your Instagram profile must be public (not private) for us to take your photo into account.
  3. Posting one photo is enough to participate, but you can share as many photos as you like.
  4. Competition open to creative hands residents in Europe and Mexico.
  5. We will announce the names of the 2 winners on this post and on Instagram on November 3, 2021.
  6. Then, we will contact each winning profile through direct message on Instagram: to directly report the result of the competition and request the details necessary to send the prize.

de ilustración a amigurumi

Minicrafters winners

Congratulations and result of the competition!

The winners are …