Textures, colours, inspiration… discover our 3 new Katia trends for Autumn Winter 2015 / 2016

¡Ideas, ideas and more ideas! We’re always searching for inspiration to create innovative, clear, interesting and distinct styles… Therefore, our Autumn – Winter 2015 / 2016 collection is accompanied by our 3 Katia trends including new textures, colours, and of course, lots of ideas to inspire you and fuel your love of hand knitting and crocheting. Come and discover the 3 creative universes that our yarns and Autumn – Winter 2015 / 2016 designs inhabit.

Irregular Yarns. Natural experience! Mix different thicknesses of yarn, surprise yourself with changes in yarn weights, rustic textures, natural colours and unstructured  fabrics inspired by crafty looks. Disconnect… surround yourself with the sound of your needles and hooks whilst you knit, or crochet, with Katia Stratos, Cheviot, Happy, Look, Eskimo or Pampa.

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Red & Black. Knit and crochet with passion! Combine printed materials, go up and down the scale of greys, blacks and reds, add extra intensity with shiney or silvery textures. Create a total look using Katia Chic Ribbon, Crystal, Cashmere Blend, Eskimo, Harmony,Happy, Azteca Fine, Pampa, Kilt, Cheviot or Stratos.

Sigue el tablero Red & Black de Katia en Pinterest.

Sensual Colours. Put the 5 senses into every stitch! Enjoy the simple pleasures by discovering the soft handle and voluminous touch of the fibres. Light up your look with a wide range of pastel and neutral colours, and some vintage inspiration… Discover the natural pleasure of knitting and crocheting with Katia Air Lux, Silk-Alpaca, Silk-Mohair, Cotton-Merino, Catena Merino, Royal Silk, Air Alpaca and Merino-Silk.

Sigue el tablero Sensual Colors de Katia en Pinterest.

It’s finally here! Discover our new Katia Autumn – Winter 2015/2016 collection: Astra, Azteca Fine, Baby Soft 3.5, Big Merino Tweedy, Cat Scarf, Catena Merino, Chic Ribbon, Cotton-Merino, Crystal, Darling Socks, Dog Scarf, HappyHarmony, Kathmandu, Kilt, Look, Love Wool Plus, Pampa, Velvet Loop


All these new qualities and hundreds of patterns are ready for you in our 10 new Autumn · Winter 2015/2016 pattern books. Take a look and write down everything you’ll be knitting and crocheting this season!

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