End the year between fabrics and get inspired by our Creative Room IX

End the year between fabrics and get inspired by our Creative Room IX! Do you need ideas for your new year projects? We show you several options for all tastes, with which you will surely want to sew. A new year awaits us, full of opportunities to create. And as a summary of the one we say goodbye to, we have prepared a compilation of the most varied with some sewing models that you have sewn with the fabrics of the autumn-winter 2021 season. We have found garments for every day, comfortable, stylish, and full of color.

Shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, vests, and backpacks, among others. Our fabrics, as they pass through your hands, become surprising projects. New fabrics from the AW21 / 22 collection such as padded fabrics, Ecovero viscose, muslin vivhy, or ready-to-sew panels have been some of your favorites.

entre telas katia fabrics
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Between fabrics with Katia Fabrics

Vichy Muslin

We start with a small sample of what we have seen done with the new muslin vichy, available in 5 color combinations. Beautiful dresses, skirts or shirts.

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Padded metalized

The fashionable fabric this season to make clothes, backpacks, bags or toiletry bags. With which to follow some recommendations:

-Jersey needle, SUK ballpoint/ thickness: 80/90.
-Use a Teflon presser foot to improve the flow of the fabric.
-Sew from the back (front to front). Avoid backstitching on the front.
-Iron on the back of the fabric at a low temperature for synthetic fabrics. Avoid ironing the metallic part on the front of the fabric.

padded metalized
padded metallized
padded metallized

Katia Fabrics Prints

With our more autumnal designs, see what most beautiful clothes you have shared:

  • Typo sweatshirt with the new and extra soft French Terry in mustard color.
  • A nice shirt with a drape with one of the light viscose ones.
  • Beautiful and original onesie for baby with the chambray muslin. Look at the detail of the frayed lapel, a beauty.

entre telas katia fabrics

  • Not one, not two, but 3 shirts in Rustic Cotton sewn by the Emme di Mamma girls.
  • A lush dress in our black bat tulle
  • And a comfy t-shirt and pant set made with the soft Recycled Brushed Jersey to be around the house.

entre telas katia fabrics

  • A shearling blanket and our padded silver with mustard-colored crowns.
  • A set of tracksuits with our original umbrella prints and paint stains.
  • And finally, we show you a shirt dress made with one of our jerseys.

entre telas katia fabrics

We hope you liked this selection, and we invite you to visit our Instagram @katiafabrics where you will find many more ideas both on our profile and looking for #katiafabrics

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