Learn how to sew a transparent mask yourself

With this video tutorial on how to sew a transparent mask, we want to help all those who need them to be able to perform correct lip-reading and communication. There are many people who have been affected in their day-to-day by the use of normal masks, those who is a due to their condition, work or lifestyle need to show their face and expressiveness, such as people with hearing disabilities, deaf-mute, disorders of autism, teachers, health workers, etc.

We have made this fabric mask tutorial with a transparent plastic window to be able to see the lips and facial expressions perfectly through it. This mask is not approved, but as Marie-Florence Devalet, director of the Belgian Federation of the Deaf, says: “The use of these masks not only benefits deaf or hard of hearing people. It is also important to facilitate social interactions since you can see people’s expressions. Everybody needs to look at the face of the person you are talking to”.

transparent mask

How to make a transparent mask

To make this clear mask we have used the basic model of square mask with folds whose pattern you can download for free here.

transparent mask


  • 100% cotton antibacterial poplin: FABRIC FOR YETI & SNOWMAN MASK But you can also use the new antibacterial poplin in colors and in white.
  • Transparent plastic or vinyl
  • Elastic cord
  • Malleable wire or metal loaf closure or similar. (Optional) Learn how to place it in this video.

Step by step

Follow our step-by-step video tutorial to make this easy transparent mask.

1- Cut the paper pattern into 4 pieces as shown in the video.

2- Add stitching to the corresponding pieces

 mask measures

3- Cut the central pattern out of plastic 1 time. And the other pieces of the pattern on the antibacterial poplin twice each.

4- First sew the two smaller pieces of fabric on both sides of the plastic piece in the form of a sandwich. Open and pass a topstitch to the side of the seam to seat.

5- Repeat the same process with the larger pieces of fabric at the top and bottom.

6- Hem a 1 cm to the wrong side of the fabric in the pieces from the top and bottom and pass a backstitch.

7- Overlock with zigzag stitch the two sides. 8- Make the folds at the pattern marks and pass a backstitch to secure them.

9- Fold the sides to the wrong side of the mask 1 cm and pass a backstitch, in this way a rail is generated to pass the elastic.

10- Pass the elastic through the rail with a safety pin or strap. Adjust the measurement to your face and tie a knot.

Smile! Transparent masks for all

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