Enjoy the children’s story “Tortoise and the hare” with our fabrics

The story of “The Hare and the Tortoise” tells us a modern version of the classic tale, featuring fabrics in stunning moss green. What would happen if the tortoise got on a vespa or skate board? Don’t relax hare, you may not be the fastest one around here! This is our original vision of the children’s story.

A collection made up of three soft fabrics in shades of green and gray. Two jerseys and a soft muslin whose protagonists are turtles, hares, and vespas. Combine these three fabrics with each other or with the new solid poplins and jerseys that we have incorporated this AW20 / 21 season.

tortoise and the hare

Tortoise and the hare

The first of the fabrics that we present to you is a jersey, an elastic T-shirt-type fabric with a water green background. In it, you can see drawings from the story “The Hare and the Tortoise”, the running hare and a funny tortoise riding a scooter or skateboard. An ideal fabric to make comfortable shirts like this one that we show you. Find the sewing pattern to make it in the new ORIGINS magazine for baby sizes from1 month to 12 months. Combined with trousers made in one of our new seasonal fabrics: the tartan Viyella.

tortoise and the hare jersey fabric

tortoise and the hare jersey fabric

Another of the fabrics in the collection is also a jersey but this time mélange. Silhouettes of scooters in black on a gray background. A very comfortable fabric, perfect for making garments like this matching baby jumpsuit and hat set whose pattern you can also find in ORIGINS magazine.

tortoise and the hare jersey fabric

The third of the fabrics that we have included in the collection is a muslin, soft, and 100% cotton. In an aqua green tone with a running print of turtles and hares in black. A fluffy fabric with which you can make baby blankets, bags, and clothes like this bib skirt. Find the pattern to make it in the new ORIGINS magazine. Combined with a shirt made of a plain jersey in Surf Blue.



Enjoy these patterns and many more from well-known children’s stories in our Katia Fabrics section.

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