Discover the true colours of natural cotton with Purest Organic Natural Colors

16 September, 2022

Purest Organic Natural Colors is a cotton undyed fabric. This new product from Katia Fabrics comes from organically cultivated cotton flowers. Undoubtedly, a truly authentic gift from Nature. 

This Fabrics it may appear to be the latest technological innovation, however, Purest is simply Nature itself: growing freely and exhibiting its true colours.

Here at Katia Fabrics we support both the cotton growers. If you also share a deep respect for the environment, join us. We are going to care for the Earth together. Sewing with Purest Cotton.

Purest: Organic Cotton Natural Colours Philosophy

Did you know that white cotton is not cotton in its original form? Originally, the cotton flowers bloomed in multiple colours. However, it was man who strove to eliminate the beautiful existing variety of colours. A whiteness that requires hundreds of chemicals to maintain.

Now, you have a 100% organic cotton fabric, in natural colours.

  1. Firstly, Purest is a cotton fabric completely pure and biodegradable.
  2. In addition, 100% organic cotton fabric with seeds without any genetically modified organisms (GMO).
  3. Likewise, an undyed cotton. The colours bloom in different tones to give us natural cotton flowers.
  4. This cotton is cultivation without irrigation. Only natural rain water is used.
  5. Chemical free cotton.  In other words, without the use of insecticides during sowing, or the addition of toxic dyes during manufacturing.
  6. Consequently, thanks to all these points, the resulting fabrics are hypoallergenic. Which makes them suitable for the most sensitive of skins.


Discover Purest Cotton in two different types of fabric

1. Purest Cotton Knit

100% organic cotton knit fabric. Available in 2 solid colours and 3 striped colour options.

Sew lovely comfortable baby garments. For instance, t-shirts and rompers.

Purest Cotton Mousseline

A double layer 100% organic cotton muslin fabric, in natural undyed colours. This seasonless fabric is perfect for baby showers, welcome baby parties. Furthermore the very first pieces of clothing suitable for a newborn to wear.

Purest Cotton Mousseline is available in twos solid colours and three Vichy check colour options.

With the cotton muslin Purest fabric sew, for instance, t-shirts, dresses or rompers