New My Playlist KAL! Discover 8 different stitches and a selection of songs with this knitting patchwork blanket

15 March, 2022

Music and knitting! In the next My Playlist KAL, we bring together these two delights in a single project: a knitting patchwork blanket. Join our international Knit-Along Katia Facebook group to learn to knit this 100% Katia design in the company of knitters from around the world.

knitting patchwork blanket

Knitting patchwork blanket

We suggest a knitting patchwork blanket consisting of squares with textured patterns, cables, bobbles… in a harmonious 5-color palette in Katia Alabama. Obviously, we also teach you how to join the squares to shape your My Playlist blanket. All the while discovering a song selection, relax knitting with Katia and enjoy the experience of being part of a new KAL.

knitting patchwork blanket

Sing and knit!

Enjoy the softness, warmth, and colorfulness of Katia Alabama cotton, while you learn to knit 8 different stitch patterns. Also, each stitch comes with a song sang by artists who, like you, knit for entertainment and relaxation. Discover singers who are knitters with each new stitch combination and be amazed!

stitch combination patterns

Colors, stitches, and music               

Did you know our brain relates music to colors? While cheerful melodies and fast rhythms evoke warm and vibrant tones like yellow and orange, sad songs and slow tempos are associated with darker and gloomier blue and gray tones. With the My Playlist Blanket, we connect stitches, colors, and music to enjoy a sensory, emotional, and extremely cozy project.

cozy project

My Playlist KAL

To take part in the KAL, all you need is the My Playlist KAL Katia Kit and to be part of the Facebook group where we will share the patterns and videos to make the blanket.

Project. A blanket consisting of 20 squares knit in 8 stitch combinations. This is a 100% Katia design inspired by the patchwork sewing technique.

Measurements. The My Playlist blanket measures approx. 92 x 115 cm.

Materials. You need a My Playlist KAL Katia Kit with 15 balls of Katia Alabama in 5 assorted colors (3 balls per color): off-white (3), emerald (54), mustard (66), pale green (67) and rust (70). We also recommend using the following notions (not included in the kit): 4.5-mm needles, tapestry needle and scissors.

Start. April 21, 2022.

Duration. 4 weeks to knit your project at your own pace, share progress, ask questions, or help other participants. Every week, we will share how to knit 2 stitch combinations.

knitting patchwork blanket

Pattern and videos

Once the KAL has started, in the Facebook group you’ll find each pattern section PDF with charts and links to the videos to knit each stitch pattern square. The video subtitles and the patterns will be available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and Italian.

What is a KAL?

A KAL (Knit-Along) means to follow a knitting pattern at the same time as other knitters, during the same period of time. Which really means, “an online meeting point” where knitters from all over the work can meet; learn something new or a different way of working, for example, a stitch that you’d already seen; help other people to continue with their work thanks to your experience; but, above all, a KAL is for sharing your time and your passion for knitting.