Discover the new sustainable fabrics SS22 and create your own fashion that respects the environment

18 March, 2022

In the new season of Katia Fabrics SS22, we could not miss our contribution of sustainable fabrics and continue betting on responsible consumption and production that is kinder to our planet. There are already more than 12 types of fabrics that have some of the environmentally and socially responsible textile certifications. Such as BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), EcoVero Lenzing, Lyocell or Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Organic cotton, Ecoviscose, Lyocell (Tencel), or recycled polyester from plastic bottles to create current, fresh, and breathable fabrics. Like the surprising Curled Cotton with a towel touch, the light Ice Cream Stripes Cotton, or the modern Jeans Recycled Canvas Print or Recycled Canvas Stripes.

New sustainable Fabrics

 sustainable fabrics

Learn about the new additions to the Katia Fabrics catalog of fabrics that respect the environment. It is committed to quality, creativity, and sustainability to sew special and long-lasting clothing and accessories. We detail the properties, benefits, and colors of our ECO line.


curled cotton aqua

This new knitted fabric has a very dense mini bouclé, which gives it a very special feel and look. It is somewhat reminiscent of terry cloth and takes us back to the 1980s. It has the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certificate. Available in 4 beautiful colors: Rust, Curry, Aqua, and Jeans

curled cotton curry

Very suitable for sewing modern and trendy baby clothes or jackets and trousers for the whole family. Something to keep in mind when calculating your amount of fabric is that Curled Cotton has a width of 1.85 cm, much higher than the rest of our fabrics that usually have 1.45 cm. curled cotton rust



Openwork fabric based on 100% cotton with BCI certificate, with an original vertical stripe with a retro-vintage look. This new natural and summery Zakka-style fabric is ideal for bags, cushions, or aprons. It´s also a nice way to wear French-style dresses and tops. Available in 3 pastel colors: Pink, Lime, and Sky.

ice cream stripes cotton pink

ice cream stripes cotton lime ice cream stripes cotton sky


nautic doble stripes yellow & ecru

Openwork fabric based on 100% cotton with BCI certificate and slightly stretched (it has 1% Elastane), with a soft wrinkled effect. Nautical-inspired vertical stripes on off-white to create fresh, beachy looks. Sew dresses, blouses, overalls, and also accessories such as scarves, sarongs, or beach towels. Available in two colors, with yellow stripes or with navy blue stripes. You can use the fabric in the direction you like best, with the stripes horizontally as in the bib or vertically as in the shirt.

nautic doble stripes navy & ecru


nautic stripes cotton granitte

100% cotton, slightly elastic, and with a soft wrinkled effect. It has an original vertical stripe in two colors, black or red. Sew all kinds of summer garments and accessories with this fabric, from dresses or sarongs to hair turbans. It also has the BCI certificate.

nautic stripes cotton red


Voile fabric -which means veil in French – with a check pattern available in three beautiful combinations. Made of 100% BCI cotton and 1% Elastane in its composition, which gives it a very characteristic wrinkled effect called seersucker. It is a fresh and summery fabric to sew all kinds of garments and accessories like this baby shirt.

voile seersucker


The 100% organic cotton voile is a very fine and slightly transparent fabric, its term comes from the French and means veil. Being such a light fabric, it is used in all kinds of garments, to make a double layer of fabric, ruffles, drawstrings, and as a lining. Available in 8 plate colors to choose from to combine with the rest of the prints in our catalog.

voile cotton solid


Lyocell is a biodegradable product. Its manufacture produces no by-products harmful to health or the planet, and its main ingredient, cellulose, is obtained from well-managed farms. Growing the trees needed to produce Lyocell does not require irrigation or pesticides. Available in two colors, dark blue and light blue. A sustainable, soft, breathable, light, and resistant fabric. With a spectacular fall that makes it ideal for summer and mid-season garments such as dresses, blouses, or pants.

lyocell denim


-Universal needle, thickness: 80/90.
-Steam or wash before cutting and sewing.
-All our DENIM products are dyed using indigo dyes, so their fastness is low when exposed to strong sunlight.
-We recommend washing DENIM garments separately and, in particular, not washing them mixed with white clothing.
-Wash and iron on the wrong side.


Our recycled Canvas are fabrics made using materials that are not only recycled and generate less environmental impact, but also facilitate their subsequent recycling.

Recycled Canvas Solid

Our famous Recycled Canvas has a beautiful chambray effect that visually closely resembles denim. It is made with recycled plastic bottles (13%) and pre-consumer recycled cotton (87%). A 100% recycled fabric certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Rustic, natural, soft, and resistant fabric. Ideal for tablecloths, cushions, curtains, and accessories in general. Available in 12 colors.

recycled cancas solid

Recycled Canvas Print

Canvas or canvas fabric with a print of leaves and branches in different gradients of earthy or bluish colors. Made with recycled plastic bottles (13%) and pre-consumer recycled cotton (87%). A 100% recycled fabric certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Rustic, natural, soft, and resistant fabric, perfect for making projects for your homes such as tablecloths, cushions, aprons, or napkins.

recycled canvas print leaves

Recycled Canvas Stripes

Canvas fabric with a design of irregular stripes in shades of blue or brown on an ecru background. Polyester composition made with recycled plastic bottles (13%) and pre-consumer recycled cotton (87%). A 100% recycled fabric certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). It goes perfectly with the rest of the plain Recycled Canvas in our fabric collection.

recycled canvas stripes


All our DENIM items are dyed with indigo dyes, so they have a low fastness to exposure to intense sunlight. We recommend washing DENIM garments separately and especially not washing them mixed with white clothes. Wash and iron inside out.

 Jeans Recycled Canvas

Twill fabric made with post-consumer recycled jeans, that is discarded textile products. The new Jeans Recycled Canvas is a resistant, sustainable fabric certified as 72% GRS (Global Recycled Standard). It makes decoration accessories such as cushions, tablecloths, and also accessories such as bags, backpacks, or jackets.

Jeans Recycled Canvas Print

Canvas with maxi flowers or battik print on an indigo blue background “jeans” Twill fabric made with post-consumer recycled jeans, that is, discarded textile products. Certified as 72% GRS (Global Recycled Standard). The perfect fabric to renew the cushions in your living room or make an original tablecloth.

jeans recycled canvas print


With the Ecovero Seal, we have added 6 new and cheerful prints to the catalog. The perfect fabric for making light summer blouses and dresses. If you want to know more about Ecovero Viscose, go to the post: Discover Ecovero: 100% natural and ecological viscose from sustainable wood and cellulose