5 Kids Fashion Trends for Summer 2019: The coolest and most amusing handknit garments for kids

The school year is at an end and the kids are already dreaming about the summer holidays. We have to admit that we also looking forward to the sun, sea and ice cream. Therefore, on this occasion we are going to show you our 5 coolest and most amusing Kids Fashion Trends for Summer 2019. And, as you already know, you can knit all of them thanks to our Katia Kids 89 magazine.

Kids Fashion Trends

5 Kid’s Fashion Trends

We invite you to take a stroll along the coast. Discover the simplicity of sailor style sweaters and the fun of tops with frills. Play with contemporary colours to knit jackets and dresses with a lot of style. In addition, we suggest you try intense fruity tones, refreshing pastels, multicoloured prints and, finally, a party with confetti colours. Discover much more about our new Kids Fashion Trends with this selection of knit patterns for boys and girls.

Kids Fashion Trends

1. Sailor Style

Weigh anchor! We set sail with the sailor style, an absolute classic that will never go out of fashion. Striped sweaters definitely remind us of the sea and the summer. Just like this simple crochet wide striped sweater made with only a few balls of Katia Alabama.

crochet wide striped sweater

To the port side! We set sail with an updated striped sweater: fine stripes, triangular neckline detail and contrast cuffs. This is a comfortable and lightweight kids’ garment made with our 100% cotton Katia Cotton yarn.

striped sweater

Go fishing on our website for this beautiful cable knit jumper pattern, inspired by traditional fisherman’s Aran sweaters. This garment is knitted with Katia Big Alabama. Furthermore, it’s not just for the cool summer nights and can be worn all year round.

cable knit jumper

2. Refreshing Pastel tones

Typically, pastel colours generate calmness, serenity and light. As a consequence, with the cool pastel tones – green, blue and violet – we obtain sweet and cool knitted garments. Such as this lovely three quarter length sleeve jacket, with pockets, knitted from Katia Tencel-Cotton in pale lilac and pink

Kids Fashion Trends

Sweet, Rock & Cool! Knit this perfect combination of contrasts: a girl’s bomber jacket with Katia Montecarlo’s fantasy texture in a soft water blue.

girl’s bomber jacket

What do you think to this knitted sweater with 3 white stripes on the sleeves and buttons at the shoulder? There is no doubt that knitting sport garments for children in pastel colours is one of the freshest and more adventurous fashion trends for kids.

knitted sweater with 3 white stripes on the sleeves

3. Intense fruits

Raspberries, strawberries and blackberries! The summer fruit colour range is the sweetest and most intense trend for this summer. Knit this simple girl’s strap top in an energetic fuchsia tone using only two balls of Katia Panama, Capri or Mississipp-3.

simple girl’s strap top

Use the colour-block trend to make this sleeveless knitted top. We’ve chosen our Katia Fair Cotton organic cotton in a red, raspberry and bubble gum pink colour combination.

Kids Fashion Trends

Lastly, check out how this net stitch knit girl’s jacket stands out from the crowd thanks to the intense Katia Cotton-Yak in fuchsia.

net stitch knit girl’s jacket

4. Multicolour energy

Knit a lively print using one of our multicoloured yarns like, for example, Katia Degradé Sun. On the one hand, you can make this summer dress with a flared skirt and ribbed top. And on the other hand, make an easy raglan sleeve top with a round neck.

summer dress

easy raglan sleeve top

Combine the Katia Bora Bora long and short colour cycles in an easy to knit pattern and get incredible results. We propose that you knit this amazing stripe stitch Bora Bora sweater in cream, orange and fluorescent green.

easy to knit pattern

5. Confetti and frills party

We celebrate the end of this Kids Fashion Trends post with style… With frills and a colourful confetti print! Just like this amusing knitted girl’s top which combines both elements thanks to Katia Butterfly and Malibu Plus.

knitted girl’s top

There is no doubt that this summer Butterfly and Malibu form the most cheerful and festive of couples. Knit this short sleeve girl’s sweater combining the colours from both yarns.

Kids Fashion Trends

Here comes another example of simplicity! Knit this top with frills on the sleeves using a few balls of Caliope from Concept by Katia.

top with frills

Finally, easily add frills to the waist of a summery strap top thanks to Katia Hawaii. This light ribbon yarn is ideal for knitting a quick project during the holidays!

summery strap top

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