New Katia All Seasons Magazine: 24 knit designs to wear all year round for 3 generations of women

The new Katia All Seasons magazine arrives when the effects of global warming are creating the current uncertainty seasonal temperatures. So you can find 24 knit designs suitable for all 12 months of the year. In this case, three generations of women are the stars of this exquisite Katia CONCEPT natural fibres collection. Discover a carefully curated selection of 4 seasons patterns to knit shawls, jumpers and jackets for women and girls.

New Katia All Seasons Magazine

The Katia CONCEPT yarns chosen to make each garment definitely stand out in the All Seasons collection: Cotton-Yak, Cotton-Cashmere, Silky Lace, Duomo, plus the 2 new qualities Ultrasoft and Veganette. These six stunningly beautiful yarns, and their individual colour ranges, combine innovative technology with 100% natural materials. We suggest you knit fabrics ranging from pretty lacey patterns through to the basics with defined stitch relief.

lacey patterns

Crochet scarf

New Katia All Seasons Magazine

The knit models in the new Katia All Seasons magazine follow 3 maxims: timelessness, comfort and details with personality. Discover 24 simple and versatile patterns that transform a basic garment into something really special. Whatever your generation, knit garments for both yourself and the women in your family. And above all, enjoy the knitted garments together, all year round.

Girl knit sweater

Woman romantic sweater

Find this new Katia All Seasons magazine in yarn shops and on So whatever the weather, you can find more than 300 yarns and fabrics on the Katia website. Moreover, discover around 5000 knit, crochet, macrame and sewing patterns available too. A great collection for all generations of knitters, crocheters and sewers!

New Katia All Seasons Magazine

2 New Concept Yarns

Ultrasoft. This exclusive 100% certified organic cotton can be worn throughout the whole year. Create sophisticated garments in warm, soft, breathable and anti-allergic fabrics. Thanks to innovative technology, Ultrasoft is voluminous and lightweight. As a result, it is a versatile yarn to make both knit and crochet garments and accessories.

New Katia All Seasons Magazine

Veganette. This cotton yarn is soft and spongy just like wool. Furthermore, it is specially designed for vegan knitters and crocheters. Veganette is a seasonless yarn. Its warmth and weight makes it suitable to use all year round. Knit or crochet harmonious and elegant designs with its carefully studied subtle multi-colour surface effect.

vegan knitters

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